OpenCart is one the best for online store management. It is a free and open-source platform for online store management. It offers huge features and functionalities to create and manage online stores. Moreover, to make your OpenCart store something different, you need a custom and professional OpenCart theme. It reflects your brand identity and fulfills your business goals. 

What is OpenCart?


OpenCart is an online store management system. It allows you to create and manage the ecommerce website. With OpenCart you can customize your site design, add products, set up payment gateways, track orders, and many more. It has many built-in features. Such as support for multiple languages, product reviews and ratings, responsive mobile design, and many more. It is popular in all types of businesses. OpenCart is famous for theme development.  

Features of OpenCart

OpenCart is best for ecommerce website development. Because it has multiple professional features. There are many paid tools that have professional segments. But OpenCart is free to give you the best features. The features are: 

  1. Strong Analytics: OpenCart has google analytics support. By this, it has one of the best e-commerce analytics systems. It records huge transactions that help to measure your business revenue. It also generates purchase reports, sales performance, ecommerce conversion rates, and the best section is customer shopping patterns.  
  1. Effective Inventory Management: Opencart inventory management helps online sellers to forecast demand, track real-time inventory, avoid purchase of extra stock, and many more. It also enables e-commerce sellers to manage and track inventory in multiple warehouses.
  1. Unique Marketing Strategy: Marketing is the main thing for any ecommerce business. Online retailers using OpenCart can design and manage their own marketing campaigns. They also check how many click orders are through generated links. It helps to publish articles or blogs.
  1. Extensions and Plugins: OpenCart has more than 1300 extensions and plugins. It helps to expand their business performance. The sellers can choose if they want to use free or paid versions as per their business size.
  1. Trustworthy Payment Gateways: OpenCart comes with a popular payment method. It gives online retailers access to 51 pre-installed payment gateways. They are also safe and secure gateways. It also has many options to add more OpenCart extension marketplace.

How to develop an OpenCart theme?

OpenCart is a popular e-commerce store management platform. It allows you to create and customize your own online stores. One of the best advantages of OpenCart is it supports multiple themes. It might change how your website appears and feels.

The steps of OpenCart theme development are:

  1. Pick the OpenCart platform. 
  2. Then select a layout that is customized to your business requirement.
  3.  Then the developer works on module development. The developer can develop modules easily. Because it has a huge online modules store that is free to install.
  4. For OpenCart development it is important to get a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  5. Design the beautiful Header in the selected theme as per your requirements. Like logos, colors, etc.
  6. Design your menu as per your needs. A menu bar is important for ecommerce websites. You can create a stylish menu by using OpenCart.
  7. Content design is the most important thing to attract customers. Your content can draw customers in because of its gorgeous design.
  8. Footer design is also important. In the footer section contact information is included of your business. 
  9. The final part is to export the theme. You should export the theme you create for your company to your e-commerce websites. Before exporting, you can also preview the theme.    

Best agency for OpenCart theme development

OpenCat is a popular ecommerce store management platform. It is easily handled for any ecommerce website. There are many themes here that are perfect for business. But you need OpenCart developers for customizations.  There are some agencies who are specialized in OpenCart theme development. The agencies are 

  1. Micordeft: Microdeft is the partner company of OpenCart. They have the best ecommerce solution. They also provide IT consultants. They are best for Opencart development. They help you to create and manage online sites easily. They have a huge number of experienced developers that make your e-commerce store by OpenCart.  They offer a huge amount of theme development. Like
  • Theme design
  • Theme installation
  • Theme customization
  • Theme support

They work with many clients from different industries. Such as fashion, electronics, health, education, and many more. They have delivered high-quality and user-friendly themes. That has increased their clients sales. 

  1. Taj Tech LTD: Taj Tech Ltd is specialized for optimized and secured software solutions. They also have Saas products and services across all industries. Their key services are web design, mobile app development, and ERP solutions. They have 10 years of OpenCart theme development. They have a skilled Opencart developer that gives their clients good products. Their designs are very creative. They create stunning and responsive themes for their targeted industries.
  1. BANGLOSS: BANGLOSS is a vast experience in ecommerce websites and e-commerce marketplace. Their expertise is in Opencart.  They create user-friendly themes that help their clients business growth. They have 24/7 customer support service. Their functional themes are very popular and affordable as per clients reviews. They also create custom themes that reflect your brand identity. Moreover, they offer flexible and tailored solutions for their clients business. 

Why choose an OpenCart agency?

OpenCart has a user-friendly interface. Those who have not any technical background, they also can navigate and set up an online store easily. But for proper OpenCart development,  you need to choose an opencart developer. There are several reasons to choose the OpenCart agency.

Quality: OpenCart has delivered high-quality themes. It is also optimized and tested for performance functionality. The agencies follow the standards for OpenCart development. It ensures that your theme development is secure and reliable. 

Affordable: OpenCart development agencies also offer competitive and transparent pricing. They also provide free quotes and consultations for your business projects. 

Timeliness: The developers can respect clients deadlines and deliver projects on time. They also communicate with their clients for better OpenCart website development. 

Satisfaction: the value of your satisfaction and feedback exceed your expectations. The developers also offer unlimited revision until satisfied with their clients. 


The OpenCart theme development agency in Bangladesh depends on several factors. Such as cost, experience level, communication skills, portfolio size, and many more. These qualities transform into high-quality designs, well-organized websites, easy navigation, and many more.  OpenCart is a rich shopping cart system. It is also an open-source platform. However, OpenCart theme development is not an easy task. It requires the technical skills of OpenCart. You will be able to select an agency. This suits your specific needs and expectations for building your beautiful websites.