Are you looking for a Next JS development company in Bangladesh? Well, you are in the right place. Having little knowledge of the IT field and having to work with it can be pretty hard. This is why this blog has given a brief explanation of the best Next JS development companies in Bangladesh. 

Why should you choose Next JS development firm?

The Next JS is a framework built on React JS. It enables users to build apps with features like server-side rendering, code splitting and blazing-fast SEO friendly websites. A Next JS development company has a team who are experienced and skilled in all the code languages that can help make the best quality Next JS.  The team will also be in charge of designing and creating user-facing features for websites and applications.  They also take the responsibility for the visual appearance, creation, performance quality, functionality, and bug-free website or application in order to provide a more reliable and quality fil user experience. To put it in another way, you should choose a Next JS development company because of multiple reasons. Such as,

  • Development companies undoubtedly have more experience as it contains a team of professionals with different experience levels.
  • Development companies are much more skilled in a broader range than any individual in the field. 
  • Development companies are flexible and can work according to you. It can also provide you with a smoother outcome than your expectation. 


Things to keep in mind before choosing React JS development company

Top Next JS Development Company in

It can be said that Next JS is a simple version of React JS. However, you should avoid companies or individuals who are familiar with React JS but not Next JS. There are some things you need to look if the development company is skilled with or not,

  1. Nodes JS
  2. NPM
  4. JSX
  5. Git
  6. Third-party tools
  7. React JS

There are also some other behavioral things that you need to keep a close eye on. They are, 

  • Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Online testimonials 
  • rankings
  • Size of the IT team
  • Expertise of the IT team
  • Their response time
  • Their communication method
  • Their techniques and development process
  • In detailed inquiry of the project
  • Approximated budget
  • Verify the given information on their technical expertise and compatibility on relevant field.

Top Next JS development companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a prominent number of IT firms that are constantly ranking worldwide. However, it is hurtful to say that even though this country ranks in the IT list, it still is developing. There is only one Next JS development company in Bangladesh that is Microdeft. Nonetheless, Next JS development companies that are based in other countries take care of this country’s Next JS. The good news is that even though they belong to another country, Microdeft still ranks first in this country. Here is a list of the top Next JS development companies in Bangladesh.


Founded in 2015, Microdeft has been successfully serving clients not only locally but globally. Microdeft is the only agency in Bangladesh that offers Next JS development. This is a one-stop solution for all the software-related issues. Microdeft is one of the best Next JS development companies in Bangladesh. They have also topped in the list of both software and React JS development companies. 

Microdeft prides itself in having the best IT team in the country, it also has different teams of professionals assigned for different fields. This Next JS development company believes in quality over quantity. They are not satisfied until the outcome meets the expectation of the client. They prioritize clients over anything else. Microdeft has already gained a large group of loyal clients who have always come back to them for further issues. This development company keeps the clients updated and works according to the client that makes them the most flexible team in the game. 

Microsoft not only offers Next JS development but also specializes in various fields such as, SEO and digital marketing, graphic design, web development, app development, software development and backup and security. They strive to be the best in whatever they do. The most amazing thing about Microdeft is that they always try to be cost-effective so that most people can start their dream journey. 

Devico Solutions

Devico is mainly a software development company, however it has never failed its client in serving Next JS development. This company has over 10 years of experience in creating top-notch technology. Devico has gained the title of domain expert in Fintech, Healthcare, eLearning, Media and entertainment industries. From desktop to mobile, they provide an excellent experience that will satisfy all of your needs. Their dynamic structured team is excellent at agile development in challenging environments.


Founded in 2010, DocYard is a digital product agency. It is based in Hingham, Massachusetts. Even though it is not situated in Bangladesh, it has been serving its clients for several years now, making it third in the list of top Next JS development companies.  The company has an IT team that is made up of product strategies, designers, engineers and executives who provide a wide range of services to their clients. Their offer includes, product strategy and design, testing and quality assurance, engineering and project management, training and supporting as well as the use of other technologies like Ember JS, React JS, Elixir, Ruby and more.

Apple, Netflix,, Fidelity Investments, Harvard, WNYC, Zipcar, and only a handful of this company’s clientele. DocYard helps to achieve company goals by offering secure online and mobile apps with long-term maintainability. 


Mindinventory was founded in 2011 and has been working with enterprises, agencies, and startups. They provide UI/UX, mobility solutions, game development, and web development. Based in India, this Next JS development company has ranked second in the list of top Next JS development companies in Bangladesh. 

Mindinventory has 200 employees and 100 years of combined expertise. This company also offers online services and mobile app development services with the appropriate strategic approach to reach target consumers. 


TeaCODE is a product development company that serves globally. Like the other Next JS development companies, it too is not based in Bangladesh. However, it has been serving Bangladesh for a long time making them one of the best Next JS  development companies in Bangladesh. 

TeaCODE focuses on creating desktop, web and mobile applications as well as backend, IOT, AI and machine learning systems. A group of their software development team creates high-quality products for DayDream, Voicey, Touchcom, Caterpillar, Werz, Simplifiedbody and PadHQ.

Even though we have explained a lot here, it still is your choice and field of research to decide which Next JS development company should you choose. In short, Microdeft is the only IT company that is also a Next JS development company in Bangladesh.

EA Inc.

On the list of the best Next JS development firms in Bangladesh, EA Inc. comes in second. This agency has one of the best designers. They have more than 100 employees that include amazing programmers, engineers and executives. They stand out from the rest of the list due to their dedication to their clients and the caliber of their work. It is complicated to find any negative reviews left by their prior clients. This company makes it a point to surpass its rivals’ standards.


TrillionBits Ltd. comes third in the list of best Next JS development companies. TrillionBits has been serving both local and global Next JS development solutions in a range of industries. This agency gives its clients the best corporate economics and expertise, allowing them to stay one step ahead of the competition. TrillionBits combines Next JS with project execution skills to get amazing outcomes. They have successfully developed  mobile and web applications for a variety of hardware, software and browsers.

Even though we have explained a lot here, it still is your choice and field of research to decide which Next JS development company should you choose. In short, Microdeft is the best IT company that is also a Next JS development company in Bangladesh.