There are lots of software companies in Bangladesh. But it’s hard to decide which company is best for you. Finding the best software company is like finding the right match for your requirement. Though it’s hard but not impossible. You have to follow some procedures in the selection process. In this article, we will help you to make the best choice among various options for software development companies.

Steps to Find the Best Software Company in Bangladesh for StartUps

We will guide you step by step with examples of the selection process of the best software company for you. And in conclusion, together we will decide which software company is best for you.

Step 1: Writing Note On Software or Web Requirements

Even before searching on Google. You should write all requirements of your desired software or website in a paper. Specifically: framework, technologies, etc. So that you can select the best software company based on your requirements and specialties. This step will help you to narrow down your search and create a final shortlist faster.



(i) You need a budget-friendly e-commerce store with more than 5k+ products and stock need to manage in real-time. You have also a security concern so, that no one can access your e-commerce store admin panel without your IP address.

(ii) You consider making it with Magento or Shopify or OpenCart or WooCommerce.

(iii) Then you research the difference between these 4 platforms.


Platform Pricing
Magento Free Community Edition, Paid Enterprise Edition
Shopify Monthly Subscription
OpenCart Free
WooCommerce Free


Platform Ease of Use
Magento Difficult
Shopify Easy
OpenCart Easy
WooCommerce Easy


Platform Customizability
Magento Highly Customizable
Shopify Limited Customizability
OpenCart Customizable
WooCommerce Highly Customizable


Platform Scalability
Magento Highly Scalable
Shopify Highly Scalable
OpenCart Moderately Scalable
WooCommerce Moderately Scalable


Platform Features
Magento Advanced Features for Large Businesses
Shopify Beginner-Friendly Features
OpenCart Beginner-Friendly Features
WooCommerce Beginner-Friendly Features


And, in this stage, you find out that OpenCart is the best-suited platform for your e-commerce store. It’s budget-friendly, it’s moderately scalable (easily can work with 5k+ products), and customizable as well.


Step 2: Searching for Relevant Software Companies

Now, you have to gather top software company names in Bangladesh that are doing better on your selected technology (i.e. OpenCart eCommerce Development). In this case, you can search on google “opencart software development companies in bangladesh“.

If you search, it will show you the top 10 results from more than 1 million web pages. OpenCart Partners in Bangladesh are among one them.


opencart software development company in bangladesh


Alternatively, you can visit the website for the authorized OpenCart partner company list in Bangladesh.

opencart partner in bangladesh



(i) You gathered the OpenCart partner list in Bangladesh. And MicroDeft OpenCart development company looks good to you based on team size and their mission, vision.


Step 3: Checking Relevant Portfolio Project

So, you have selected MicroDeft OpenCart development company for your upcoming eCommerce Store. Start checking past project which is similar to yours. It will boost your confidence that your imagination dreams store functionality identical to their past project.

opencart ecommerce project


(i) You decided to sell perfume or cosmetics with an online payment facility. And another functionality you can think of is a little bit similar to MicroDeft’s previous project: Generic Perfume Project By MicroDeft.


So, it’s time to make a conclusion. Which software company is best? Based on your requirement MicroDeft is the best software development company you can work with. MicroDeft is focused on startups as well.


Step 4: Checking Company Reviews

It’s time to cross-check your mind-selected company with some factors like previous client reviews. For this, you can visit software company review sites like, goodfirms etc.

MicroDeft Reviews On GoodFirms

MicroDeft Client Reviews On



(i) You visited MicroDeft Client Reviews On And you got some special information like, MicroDeft was founded in 2015. Its key clients Shopping Corner, and LeadFoxy. It shows 5-star reviews given by 4 previous clients.

(ii) You visited MicroDeft Reviews On GoodFirms. And you got similar information like, Its key clients remain same Shopping Corner, and LeadFoxy.  It shows 5-star reviews given by 1 previous client.


Step 5: eCommerce Development Cost Negotiation

It’s time to Contact MicroDeft which is your selected e-commerce development company through the previous steps. You need to communicate with them regarding your online store requirements and the time budget within which you want to go live with your e-commerce site. In this period try to negotiate about costs you may afford to make the best e-commerce store out of it. As a business owner, it’s better to invest in technology a little bit higher if it full fills your features and functionalities for end users.

contact microdeft


(i) You submitted your name, email, phone number, and domain address (if purchased already). In the message field, you should enter your online e-commerce store requirements, budget, timeframe, etc.

(ii) Even for making sure, you also sent an email to [email protected] with a pdf file including details project plan.


Step 6: Making a Final Decision

In this final stage, after communicating directly you decided to go ahead with team MicroDeft for your online e-commerce store development. You get details project proposals from Team MicroDeft, which you read several times. It looks happy moment to say yes to this new client and service provider relationship.

Making A Final Decision

So, here we didn’t mention any examples. Cause we believe every client is extraordinary. We will try to establish a new vibe and a new spark between you and MicroDeft. Cause we are the dreamers, we make it happen. Every new project is like a galaxy to us. We make it shine brighter whatever it takes. Looking forward to getting a new email from you. And it’s time to become known from the unknown by taking a small step. A simple contact form fills up or an email.


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