SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it is a process that helps a website to rank high in the google search. And it improves the quality and quantity of website traffic. It primarily targets unpaid or organic website traffic over paid traffic. 

And local SEO refers to the optimization strategy that helps your website to be more visible in local searches. A business that operates in one geographic area can get the most benefit from local SEO. It mainly focuses on the ranking of your website in the location where you want to increase visibility and rank. 

In this article, I’ll talk about local SEOs and suggest some of the best local SEO agencies in Bangladesh. I hope by the end of this article you will be able to know what is local SEO, what benefits it provides, and which types of companies use local SEO in their website. And the best local SEO agencies in Bangladesh.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about increasing web traffic, generating leads, and brand awareness about your website in the local search of a certain location. Local businesses compete against one another for consumers’ attention whenever they hunt for the best products near them by displaying their websites first. 

Local SEO services optimize these businesses’ by putting them in front of consumers. So it can be said that local SEO is a branch of SEO that focuses on helping a website to be found in local searches.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Businesses exist because of their consumers. When a consumer buys a product from a company it starts to grow and profit from its business operation. But you can’t expect a consumer to buy from you when it doesn’t know about your existence.

The price of the products and comparison between the competitors. And local SEO strategy helps the firm to be visible in the local search of its consumers. A business with a physical store in That’s where local SEO comes into the scenery. 

With the advancement of technology, now people search on the internet before buying anything they want. Even if a consumer is buying a product or service from a local shop or business, they first go to the internet and search for it. 

They want to know where they can find a product or service near them. A business that operates in one geographic area can get the benefit of search optimization through local SEO. It helps businesses to grow locally. 

Here are some benefits of local SEO:

More online visibility: Different activities of local SEO like citation, and sharing links improve the visibility of a website in local search. It helps your business by letting your consumers discover your business and website.

More physical traffic: When consumers see your website while searching for a store near them for a certain product or service they naturally will visit your physical store to see the products. Thus local SEO brings greater physical store traffic to a company.

More phone calls: Local SEO enhances Google Map Visibility of your firm’s location, thus potential consumers will give more phone calls to your store to know about your business and its products. 

Increased sales: The more consumers know about your company, the more people visit your store and it will eventually increase the sales of the firm. If your company comes first in the local search it will also increase the trustworthiness of the firm. So people will buy more from you. 

Competitive advantage: When consumers will see your website more when they search for a product related to yours, it will give your company a competitive advantage. It also encourages businesses to improve their products, services, and marketing strategies to attract consumers to their business. 

Building reputation: As consumers search for the products and services near them and get the location of your business, it will increase the reputation of your business by building trust and credibility. 

So it can be said that local SEO is important for you if you are operating a business in a specific city, town, or region. It will allow more people to find information about the location of your business. 

How Does It Work?

In the first two paragraphs, I have discussed what local SEO means, and its importance. Now that you know what local SEO is and how it benefits a company, you might want to know how it works to understand how you can use it to grow your business. 

An effective local SEO works similarly to a Google search. If you search for a product or service near you, Google will show you the best result according to your query. Local SEO applies a unique set of ranking factors to show local searches including:

  • The location of the potential consumer
  • Citing NAPs
  • The existence of Google My Business Profile 
  • Keywords
  • Online reviews
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Google Maps star rating

Now that you know the factors that you need to focus on to rank on the local searches, you need to improve the presence of the digital footprint of your website. When you concentrate on these factors it will optimize your online footprint in local SEO.

Thus, your business name will show up more in the search results. To grow fast as a business you need to keep updated on the factors that are important in local search. 

What Type Of Businesses Need Local SEO

As the name suggests, local SEO is needed by businesses that operate locally. Usually 

Companies that operate their business in a specific area and have a physical local store, are the companies that benefit the most from local SEO services. 

Especially companies that target a local market are the ones that benefit the most from it. Let’s take look at some business types that need local searches to grow their business:

Medical Services: Local dental stores, doctor’s chambers, emergency medical clinics, etc depend on local searches. Local searches can boost their rankings and also help consumers’ lives when they need immediate services. 

Law firms: Whenever you need any legal advice or legal help you search for the experts nearby, don’t you? Because they provide the best solution for you to understand your situation. That’s why this type of search is essential for law firms.

Hospitality Business: Hospitality businesses are important for any country. These businesses depend heavily on local searches as people want to know what they can get from a place they are traveling to. For example, people may search which one is the best restaurant in a certain area, and coming first on that list can help the company to get more sales and loyal consumers. 

Plumbers: When a pipe in your bathroom bursts out and you need immediate help what do you do? You look for services that are at the nearest place to you. These emergency service businesses work great for local searches. That’s why plumbers feel the need for local SEO the most. 

Pet Services: Pet services are provided based on the demand of a certain location. For example, people might want to know the nearest veterinarian or pet grooming stores near them for their pets.

Real estate: Local SEO is very important for real estate companies. Small real estate companies need the hype of local searches to survive in the industry.  You might want to know about the houses in an area that is open for sale. It will help small real estate companies to get businesses.

Now let’s talk about some best local SEO agencies in Bangladesh. 

Best Local SEO Agency In Bangladesh 2023

Variety SEO

It is a digital marketing and SEO agency. It provides LocalSEO service to its consumers. It helps small businesses to get their targeted traffic at an affordable price. It also creates high-quality content for its clients to get organic ranking. Here is a list for best local agency in Bangladesh for 2023.


MicroDeft is one of the best SEO service providers in Bangladesh. The company has been serving consumers to achieve search optimization since 2015. It has become one of the most trustworthy and affordable local SEO service providers in Bangladesh. 


Bizcope has been in business since 2010. The company focuses on providing SEO services, web design, and social media marketing services to its clients. It provides special and customized landing pages for businesses to help them boost conversion rates. 


Best SEO BD is another SEO and digital marketing service provider in Bangladesh running its business since 2018. It provides services to small businesses in the E-Commerce, marketing, and advertising industry. 

Avista Digital

It is an SEO service provider operating its business in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The company provides services to small and local businesses. They also offer email marketing and web design service to small businesses. 


In this article, I hope I have covered all things about local SEO. And I tried to explain the importance of this topic and tried to provide a list of some of the best Bangladeshi local SEO companies. By reading this article, I hope that you can understand what type of businesses need this SEO optimization and how they can ensure the best use of it. 

If this article helps you to understand what local SEO is and what are the best local SEO agencies in Bangladesh, you can like, comment, and share this article with those who might want to learn about this topic.