Software development outsourcing firms are the hiring of an external firm to perform software development tasks that were traditionally performed internally. Its cost-effectiveness is driving rapid adoption across businesses of all sizes. High-quality software applications are developed at reasonable costs by dedicated teams located in different parts of the world. Generally, outsourcing is categorized into three types – onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

For budget-conscious companies seeking quality outsourcing, Bangladesh’s skilled workforce and satisfied clients offer a compelling proposition. The top 10 software development outsourcing firms in Bangladesh have been instrumental in driving this trend, providing robust and efficient software solutions to clients worldwide. These firms cover the digital spectrum, building software, websites, and marketing strategies for any business need.

This introduction aims to provide insight into the top 10 software development outsourcing firms in Bangladesh. The firms are assessed on various metrics such as service offerings, client reviews, company size, and the industries they serve. Each firm is unique in its own right, offering different expertise and specialties. Read on to understand my detailed profiling of these best-performing Software development outsourcing firms in Bangladesh, to assist you while choosing a suitable partner for your software development needs.

What are Software Development Outsourcing Firms?

Software development outsourcing firms are specialized entities that handle software development tasks on behalf of other companies. Outsourcing refers to the process of delegating certain functions or tasks of a business to external agencies due to several reasons, such as cost reduction, access to expert resources, faster execution, and focus on core business areas.

In software development, it has become quite common for businesses, ranging from startups to large multinational corporations, to outsource some or all of their software development tasks. This could involve tasks like designing and developing a complete software application, creating mobile apps, building e-commerce platforms, maintaining and updating existing software systems, or providing specialized services such as quality assurance, code review, and technical support.

This model of operation has various advantages. Primarily, it eliminates the need for companies to maintain an in-house software development team, which might be expensive and time-consuming to manage. Software development outsourcing firms have the infrastructure and the human resources, often including professionals with niche skills, who can be effectively utilized to complete the job efficiently and quickly. 

Importance Of Software Development Outsourcing Firms

The importance of Software Development Outsourcing Firms is given below :

  • Access to Skilled Resources: Software Development Outsourcing Firms have a vast pool of highly skilled professionals who are proficient in several programming languages and technologies. Invest in peace of mind. Secure high-quality solutions for even the most challenging software projects.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing software development firms eliminate hiring costs, training expenses, and ongoing team maintenance in software development. These firms often operate from countries where labor costs are lower, thereby providing cost-effective solutions.
  • Improved Productivity: Shifting software development unlocks internal talent for critical business initiatives and strategic planning. This enhances operational productivity and enables faster growth.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: Software Development Outsourcing Firms offer the capability to scale the development teams up or down as per the project requirements. This flexibility is often crucial in meeting changing project demands.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Software Development Outsourcing Firms often work round the clock to deliver projects within stipulated timelines, which can drastically reduce the product’s time-to-market.
  • Risk Mitigation: By sharing associated risks with software development outsourcing firms, companies can mitigate and manage the risks better owing to the firms’ industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Access to Latest Technologies: Software Development Outsourcing Firms are often well-versed with the latest technologies and industry trends, which can be leveraged to develop cutting-edge software solutions.
  • Expect bug-free, high-performing software: Software Development Outsourcing Firms prioritize quality with strict testing methods.
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance: Outsourcing firms offer dedicated support and maintenance services, ensuring seamless operation of the software applications and systems.
  • Effective Project Management: Reputed Software Development Outsourcing Firms have effective project management processes in place ensuring timelines, quality, and communication standards are met consistently.

10 Best Software Development Outsourcing Firms In Bangladesh


  • Full-scale development: From concept to launch, we seamlessly handle your entire software development lifecycle.
  • Custom software solutions: Tailor-made applications that perfectly align with your unique business goals.
  • SaaS expertise: Leverage our deep understanding of building and scaling successful SaaS platforms.
  • Cloud-native development: Build efficient, scalable, and secure applications for the cloud era.
  • Mobile app development: Craft engaging and user-friendly mobile experiences for iOS and Android.
  • Legacy modernization: Breathe new life into your existing systems with modern technologies.
  • Product design & UX: Create intuitive and delightful user interfaces and experiences.
  • DevOps & continuous integration: Streamline your development process and ensure smooth product delivery.
  • Dedicated development teams: Access a pool of skilled developers tailored to your project needs.
  • Ongoing maintenance & support: Keep your software running smoothly with expert post-launch care.


Web & Mobile App Development:

  • Expertly crafted websites and mobile apps across various technologies (Laravel, Node.js, React, etc.)
  • Adaptive design for effortless browsing anywhere.
  • Boosting your efficiency and achieving your goals with custom-designed tools and strategies.

Software Development & Integration:

  • Enterprise-grade applications for efficient business operations.
  • System integration for streamlined data flow and automation.
  • Cloud-based solutions for scalability and accessibility.

UI/UX Design & Development:

  • User-centric designs that are intuitive and visually appealing.
  • Focus on usability and conversion optimization.
  • A/B testing and data-driven design decision-making.

E-commerce Solutions:

  • Feature-rich online stores that boost sales and engagement.
  • Secure payment gateways and seamless checkout processes.
  • Marketing automation and SEO optimization for maximum reach.

Quality Assurance & Testing:

  • Rigorous testing procedures to ensure high-quality software.
  • Automated and manual testing for comprehensive coverage.
  • Dedicated QA team for continuous improvement.

Maintenance & Support:

  • Continuous optimization for peak software performance and stability.
  • Timely bug fixes and updates.Proactive performance optimization and security checks.

Rytsense Technologies

  • Custom Software Development: Rytsense builds tailor-made applications for your unique needs across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.
  • Enterprise Application Development: Leverage Rytsense’s experience in crafting scalable and secure solutions for complex business demands.
  • Product Development: Bring your innovative ideas to life with Rytsense’s full-cycle product development support, from ideation to launch.
  • Open Source Development: Utilize Rytsense’s knowledge of open-source technologies to build cost-effective and agile solutions.
  • Legacy Modernization: Breathe new life into your outdated systems with Rytsense’s modernization expertise.


  • Web and Mobile App Development: Bring your ideas to life across screens with custom web and mobile app solutions.
  • UI/UX Design: Craft intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to drive engagement and conversion.
  • Low-/No-Code Development: Leverage rapid development tools to build solutions faster and more efficiently.
  • Digital Transformation: Adapt your business to the digital age with strategic consulting and execution.
  • Concept Validation: Test your ideas before development to minimize risk and maximize ROI.
  • Project Management: Streamline your project with Agile methodologies and expert oversight.
  • Support and Maintenance: Ensure your software runs smoothly with dedicated post-launch care.

Enosis Solutions

  • Expertise: They have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends, ensuring your project is built on a solid foundation.
  • Scalability: They can easily scale their team to meet your project’s demands, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing can significantly reduce your development costs, and Enosis offers competitive rates.
  • Quality: They are committed to delivering high-quality software that meets your expectations.
  • Communication: Their clear and consistent communication builds trust and ensures a smooth, collaborative development process.


Expert Matching: We connect you with the perfect outsourcing partner based on your specific needs, budget, and project requirements.

Project Management: Our experienced team oversees every step of the development process, ensuring smooth communication, on-time delivery, and quality control.

Custom Development: From web and mobile apps to complex enterprise solutions, we work with top-tier outsourcing firms to deliver custom software that meets your unique goals.

Agile Development: Embrace the iterative approach with our agile methodology, ensuring flexibility and continuous improvement throughout the development cycle.

Cost Optimization: Leverage the cost advantages of outsourcing without compromising quality. We help you find the best value for your investment.

Security & Compliance: Your data and intellectual property are in safe hands. We work with partners who prioritize security and adhere to strict compliance standards.

Scalability & Growth: As your needs evolve, VISER X helps you scale your development team seamlessly, ensuring your software can keep pace with your business.

Dedicated Support: Our team is your support system, always on call to illuminate your path and provide unwavering support as you outsource with confidence.

Ebryx Tech

  • Custom Software Development:
  • We craft custom tech, from apps in your pocket to software for your empire.
  • Expertise in various technologies, including Node.js, Java, Python, and more.
  • Agile development methodologies for fast and efficient project delivery.
  • Data Science & Machine Learning:
  • Power your business with AI-driven solutions like predictive analytics, machine learning models, and data visualization.
  • Accelerate your data-driven initiatives with a team of experienced data science and engineering partners.
  • Secure and scalable data infrastructure to handle large datasets.
  • DevOps & QA:
  • Streamline your development process with automated deployments, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and secure testing practices.
  • Ensure high-quality code and reliable application performance.
  • Leverage the expertise of our DevOps and QA specialists.
  • Application Security:
  • Protect your data and applications from cyberattacks with secure design, development, and deployment practices.
  • Comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • Build trust and confidence with your users.


  • Custom Software Development: Supercharge your goals with tailored software solutions designed for your unique needs, big or small.
  • Web & Mobile App Development: Empower businesses with cross-platform, technology-driven web and mobile applications.
  • Enterprise Software Development: Design and implement robust software solutions for complex enterprise needs, ensuring scalability and security.
  • Software Product Development: Partner with AppSierra to bring your software product vision to life, from ideation to launch and beyond.
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance: Ensure high-quality software through comprehensive testing and QA services, minimizing bugs and delivering a reliable product.

BJIT Limited 

  • Offshore Software Development:
  • Access a pool of 750+ skilled engineers and developers.
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to traditional development models.
  • Experience in diverse technologies and industries.
  • Scalable teams to meet your project needs.
  • Part or Full Project Outsourcing:
  • Flexibility to choose the level of involvement you need.
  • Experienced project managers for seamless execution.
  • Reduced workload and resource constraints for your internal team.
  • Custom Software Design and Development:
  • From ideation to deployment, we bring your vision to life.
  • Expertise in web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud-based applications.
  • Agile development methodology for rapid iteration and feedback.
  • Automated QA Testing:
  • Ensure high-quality software with comprehensive testing procedures.
  • Leverage the latest automation tools for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Identify and resolve bugs before release.

Brain Station 23 Limited

  • Expert Software Development:
  • Developing web and mobile apps for diverse platforms, including Android, iOS, and web browsers.
  • Enterprise solutions with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Custom software tailored to your unique needs.
  • Agile development methodologies for rapid delivery.
  • Full-Stack Expertise:
  • Skilled teams across front-end, back-end, and DevOps.
  • Proficient in popular programming languages and frameworks.
  • Experience with diverse technologies and cloud platforms.
  • Global Reach and Local Touch:
  • Serving clients worldwide with 25+ countries in their portfolio.
  • Strong presence in Bangladesh with diverse industry experience.
  • Dedicated account managers for personalized attention.
  • Quality and Efficiency:
  • ISO 9001 & 27001 certified for international standards.
  • Proven track record of successful project delivery.
  • Cost-effective solutions to maximize your ROI.
  • Collaborative Partnership:
  • Transparent communication and ongoing client involvement.
  • Agile mindset for flexibility and adaptability.
  • Dedicated to your success and long-term partnership.

Bangladesh has emerged as a potent force in the global software development outsourcing landscape. With its skilled workforce, competitive rates, and growing tech infrastructure, the country boasts a diverse array of Software Development Outsourcing Firms (SDOFs) catering to diverse needs. Whether you are seeking a nimble startup brimming with innovation or a seasoned veteran offering comprehensive solutions, Bangladesh’s SDOF market has something for everyone.