OpenCart is an open source online shopping platform.. OpenCart help you setup your own online store management system and earn effectively. It covers each part of online business.

If you are presently shopping around for the E-Commerce platform, then OpenCart might be a good option for you to consider. Its powerful and easy-to-use platform for online store.

There are many similar platform in market but why OpenCart be chosen one because of following Features

Key Features:

User management:

To organise an online store and to interact with many people, a management system is required.OpenCart provides you all together with advance facilities and separate access for user group and users

Options and Properties:

We all know products and goods plant in different option, different size and with different colors. OpenCart App offers you variabilities in products with enhanced performances.

Discount, Offers and Coupons:

As a customer want to buy something in market, he will definitely compare the products as well as their price. So, OpenCart App provides A platform for customers as well as for retailers.

Payment Option:

OpenCart system offers lot of payment option including cheque,Cash on Delivery , Paypal and bank transfer.

Download option at various platform:

OpenCart is an open source and free of cost.It give translucency and partake an image of what their community wanted. OpenCart is easy to download and very friendly to use.

Unlimited category:

Opencart Offers customer and retailer get a lot of categories for products.

Review and Ratings:

Review and ratings are most important factor for a ecommarce . Opencaer offer which help to understand what product and company is better and what to buy or not.

Reward Points:

OpenCart provide customer lifetime value and return purchase and also show confident about the product and source companies.

Easily find and buy products and filters:
OpenCart provides thing to buy and sell easily. It is a great platform for retailers and customers. OpenCart create categories of products. Customer refines the product whatever he wants.

Language and currency:


OpenCart is an open source platform. OpenCart application quite easy to manage Langauge. You can expand your business in multi languages.

Tag support and sale report:

OpenCart provide product report for product and company online store to track records. OpenCart also provide annual product sale report.


OpenCart provide online help from certified partners. It give ratings to the online store partners such as gold, silver and platinum. Everybody can get suggestion from there according to your need from best selling experts.

Search Engine:

OpenCart is easy to download application and it gives best search engine extension. OpenCart will save your higher cost to get your website in high search engine.

Opencart Advantages

  1. It’s open-source, so you’ll freely modify the platforms as you would like.
  2. Basic access to technical support and updates as long as the software is installed.
  3. Provides the range of documents
  4. Comprehensive Payment Gateways
  5. Ready to use Themes and Templates
  6. Fast and Easy Development
  7. Easy to Use Multi-Store
  8. Large database of documents and forum
  9. Virtual File Structure(VQMOD and OCMOD) for modifications
  10. Large community


  1. It creates canonization issues for SEO.
  2. Bit Difficult to upgrade
  3. Hard to import your inventory list.
  4. It offers a slow checkout experience.

We can say that OpenCart, is a transparent and easy system to install. It is free to use, integrates well, and gives web site an effective e-commerce solution. To maximize the potential of this platform, however, you want to use premium elements you have to pay for it. From a simplicity standpoint, there isn’t a far better option, which is why OpenCart deserves a glance.