The AJAX development company is becoming famous day by day. However, having little to zero knowledge can fuel confusion. If you are thinking of or struggling to hire an AJAX Website development company in Bangladesh, this article is for you. This article contains a brief explanation of AJAX JS, why you should hire an AJAX website development company, and a list of the top AJAX website development companies in Bangladesh.

What is AJAX JS?

What is AJAX JS
What is AJAX JS

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a collection of web development methods for building asynchronous online applications using a variety of client-side web technologies. AJAX allows web applications to transmit and receive data asynchronously from a server without changing how the page acts. AJAX enables web pages and web applications to change content dynamically without having to reload the entire page by detaching the data exchange layer from the presentation layer. Modern implementations frequently use JSON rather than XML in the real world. 

AJAX is a programming notion rather than a piece of hardware. To set up and style information, HTML and CSS can be combined. JavaScript can alter the website such that the new content is dynamically displayed and the user can engage with it. Websites can load content into the screen without refreshing by using the built-in XMLHttpRequest object to run AJAX on the page. Both AJAX and the language it was written in are not new concepts. Instead, it is the utilization of current technologies in new manners. 

AJAX is one of the oldest JavaScript that was created before 2000. It was first developed in the mid 1990s. Most of the websites were based completely on HTML pages. However, a slight change in the system made the entire JS collapse. In 1998, Microsoft Outlook Web Access first developed the concept of XMLHttpRequest scripting object. Later in 1999, in the second version of MSXML library, it appeared as XMLHTTP that shipped with Internet Explorer 5.0. AJAX was officially used on 18th February of 2005 by Jesse James Garett. 

Why Choose AJAX For Business?

Why Choose AJAX For Business

Web technology will always advance as there is a continuing need to improve online services. One of these technology advances in AJAX, which has some significant benefits you need to know of, 

Improved Efficiency 

AJAX’s ability to get and save data utilizing partial post backing, it helps improve performance. Such way, you cut down on traffic by sending the server only the information it needs. As a result, your consumers won’t have to wait for data from your server to load before continuing to browse. 

Increases Responsiveness

AJAX lengthens response times due to its ability to only communicate information that is absolutely necessary to the server. Only retrieving the data that is necessary to improve loading times and the time it takes for an inquiry to reach the server while reducing data bandwidth usage.

Allows Asynchronous Processing

AJAX enables simultaneous data transmission from your web server to your web application. This is known as asynchronous processing. Your consumers can issue several instructions without having to wait for the server to process the first one.

AJAX’s asynchronous processing function makes it possible to validate data in real time.

Reduced usage of bandwidth

By identifying specific content rather than routing the complete contents of the page, AJAX optimizes the traffic on your server.As a result, your server’s traffic is reduced and efficient web performance and load times are guaranteed. 

AJAX is simple to use

Web forms made with AJAX are quicker, more user-friendly, and more dynamic. Allowing many modifications on your website at once gives you the reassurance that your company’s website will continue to function which allows you to keep your engagement rates high.

Supported by different browsers

As AJAX works with many different browsers, your business has more opportunities to connect with clients and faces fewer browser-related restrictions.

Your clients will then have access to a wider selection of platforms. Thanks to improved web page performance across numerous browsers, giving your company an advantage over rivals.

An improved form validation

Client-side validations often take place following your submissions. However, AJAX often takes place following your submissions. However, AJAX adds a technique that enables immediate and direct validation. Your customer’s experience on your website will be much enhanced by this strategy.

Increase user satisfaction

Your websites become more interactive and user-friendly for your visitors when you employ AJAX. As AJAX may navigate between pages on your website without having to reload the full page, your clients can anticipate a quicker browsing experience. 

The auto-complete tool’s drop-down list can show ideas to your clients by incorporating AJAX, which will improve their user experience and boost your company’s conversion rate.

Why Should You Hire An AJAX Development Company?

There are tons of reasons why you should hire an AJAX developer company for your business. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should hire an AJAX developer company,


AJAX website development companies are cheaper than hiring individuals if you really think about it. AJAX website development companies come in a package of multiple services. As you are getting a lot of things in one place, the cost can be cut down. 


As a company contains multiple teams assigned to certain sectors, you will get your product ready in no time. Even if you have some feedback to return, you will get it all corrected within no time due to the larger workforce. 

Unique Product

As a company contains multiple teams of professionals dedicated to different work, you will get a unique outcome as many heads work together. 


Most companies work flexibly according to the client’s demand. The same goes for AJAX website development companies, they will work according to their clients requirements and demands. 


Although these are some of the reasons why you need to hire an AJAX Website development company for your business, you will never regret it. 


Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing An AJAX Development Company

Before jumping to choose an AJAX Website development company, you will need to figure something out for your business. Those are,

  • Identify your business goals: First thing first, you need to be certain of the goals of your business. Things you want to achieve, things you want to add etc.
  • Prepare to share your goals with the company: Now that the goals are set, you need to be prepared to project these ideas to the AJAX Website development company.
  • Assess the skills needed for the project: This is one of the most crucial steps to do before choosing a company. The companies that you have in your hand, make a list of things you need them to be skilled of, in order to get the best result. 
  • Make a budget plan: Now that you are through all the steps, you need to come up with a budget plan that you will be investing in building an AJAX website. 

Now, you need to do your own research on the companies. You need to see the areas they specialize in. Here is a list of skills one company will need to have to serve you the best outcome,

  • Frontend: React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, Query, Bootstrap, HTML 5
  • Backend: Node JS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JAVA, Express JS,
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, MS-SQL, Firebase, PostgreSQL
  • Server: AWS, Internet Information, Service Apache HTTP, LIGHTTPD, NGINX
  • Scaling: Load balancing, partitioning, CDNs
  • Testing: Manual, Automation, Lood, Security, Selenium, Test Rail, Browserstack, Lambdatest
  • Editor: Notepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Brackets,
  • OS and Platforms: Ubuntu, Centos, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Communication tools: Skype, Google Meet, Slack
  • Project Management Tools: Trello, Jiira, Zoho, Team Work, Asana
  • Version Control: BGithub, Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

These are some of the most basic things that will affect your project minorly. However, to get the best of AJAX, make sure the company is specialized in the following sectors,

  • AJAX Application Development

AJAX developers modify and update built-in functionalities and template functionality using their extensive understanding of AJAX programming, creating a unique interface and user experience with the most recent services.

  • AJAX Web Portal Development

To meet the needs of your company, the company needs to design and create an AJAX-based online application and portal that is dependable and easy to use. 

  • AJAX Module Development

The company’s response to the unique needs of various businesses. The company needs to create unique AJAX framework modules, plugins and upgrades. Additionally, the companies might help you achieve a critical competitive edge.

  • AJAX Migration Services

AJAX migration is inherently difficult, but the companies should be able to make it safe and easy. Due to their expertise and previous platform migration experience, the process goes very quickly.

  • AJAX Maintenance & Technical Support

The company shall offer reliable AJAX maintenance services to keep websites current, stable, and functional. They also need to include daily testing, problem fixing, and technology integration in our maintenance services.

If any AJAX Website development company is able to do all these things, you are safe to step forward!

Top AJAX Development Company in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has several IT companies that also serve AJAX Website development. However, not all of them are good. You need to be very careful before choosing one. Here is a list of one of the best AJAX Website development companies in Bangladesh.


Microdeft is one of the most known software development companies in Bangladesh. It has ranked top in several countries in several sectors, such as React JS, Opencart, Next JS, software development, etc. Founded in 2015, Microdeft has been serving successfully both globally and locally. 

Microdeft is a one-stop solution for all your IT-related issues. It gives its best and hires the best of every profession. They not only offer AJAX Website development but multiple others. Such as Software development, app development, web development, digital marketing, graphic design, etc. 

Microdeft prides itself on having one of the best and strongest IT teams in Bangladesh. Besides that, it also has other teams that are no less good than the IT team. Microdeft believes in quality over quantity, unlike other IT companies in the country. Client satisfaction is its motto. Microdeft will walk you through the entire plan of your project. It will also keep you updated with the biggest to smallest details. Microdeft prioritizes its clients over everything else. It strives to meet your expectations. Mirodeft will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the outcome. It will keep working with you till you are satisfied. 

One thing that makes Microdeft stand out is that whatever qualities have been mentioned earlier, that you should follow before choosing your AJAX Website development company, Microdeft has it all. Microdeft works transparently. It will never hide or exaggerate any quality it does not have. So if you have any query and know that it is important to you, do not hesitate to reach out to them. Microdeft has been the best AJAX Website development company in Bangladesh, and it will continue to be the best.

Student IT 

Student IT was founded in 2022 and based in Rajshahi. It is now serving globally. Student IT offers website design and development, mobile app development, graphic designing, SEO, and digital marketing solutions. 

Avalon Incorporation

Avalon incorporation is a one-stop cyber solution. It offers you anything from Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, and Shopify web development to SEO, graphic design, and mobile application development.

Ai9 IT

Ai9 IT is an IT support company based in Khulna, Bangladesh. It provides web design, web development, SEO, digital marketing service, mobile app, software development, etc.

Agile Codex Ltd

Agile Codex Ltd, is a service developer agency. It offers a wide range of web, mobile, and desktop applications for many small businesses.


CodeSpark was founded in 2015 as a custom software development company. However, it now offers consultation, web design and development, SEO and email marketing, UI design, AJAX, logo design, Bug fixing, etc.

Pipra Host

Pipra Host was founded in 2021. It has a small team of professionals who take very good care of all the projects they get. They offer AJAX Website development, web hosting, Share hosting, Cloud server, and domain registration services. 

AJAX Website development is one of the oldest and best JavaScript. Although it is moderately tougher than other JS’ it gives a relatively smoother outcome. AJAX Website development will surely boost your business and add countless benefits to it. An AJAX Website development company will surely satisfy you to the best and meet your expectations. It will also be a good use of your money. 

Even Though we have shared a lot of information you will need to know before choosing an AJAX Website development company, make sure to ask around and research more virtually and physically.


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