JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world Node JS development is one of them. Today, it operates millions of websites and has drawn hordes of programmers and designers to build new web features. Node JS is unquestionably one of the greatest programming languages. 

If you are a business owner and want to broaden your business by developing Node JS but have little knowledge of it, this blog is for you! This article contains a basic introduction to Node JS and a brief guide to choosing the best Node JS for your business. 

What is Node JS?

Node. JS is one kind of JavaScript. It is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment and library for JavaScript. It is used to run web applications outside of the client’s browser. It was created in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, and version 15.14 of it was exclusively developed in April of 2021. 

Node JS is used by developers to build server-side web applications. As it employs an asynchronous event-driven approach, it is ideal for data-intensive applications. Now that we know what Node JS is, let’s look at why it is necessary for your business. 

Why Do You Need Node JS For Your Business?

“Why” your business needs Node JS has countless answers. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why it is necessary to be added in your business,

  • It allows you to use JavaScript as a backend language. 

Despite the fact that there are numerous JavaScript frameworks, it has long been believed that JavaScript and backend development are incompatible. Up until Node JS proved to everyone in 2009 that JavaScript could compete with well-known programming languages, that is.

  • It is a cross-platform

As Node JS is cross-platform, businesses can easily target all main operating systems. Such as Windows, macOS, and Linux using only one code base.

  • It is Lightweight

Node JS does not have any functions that directly perform I/O as it uses an asynchronous event-driven I/O model.

  • V8 powered speed

Google’s continuous effort keeps the V8 high-performance. This makes Node JS much lighter and faster to use. Node JS is built upon Google Chrome’s V8. The Google Chrome V8 runtime is also known as Chrome V8 or simply V8. It is an open-source JavaScript engine created by Chromium Project for Google Chrome and Chromium Web Browsers. It is built in C++.

  • Simplified Developer’s Work

Node JS simplifies software development by allowing developers to download common features using npm.npm is an online database of public and paid packages, included with NodeJS installations, familiar to Ruby Gems users.

  • Designed for Scalability

Ruby or PHP are more scalable than Node JS. But compared to other backend technologies, it is much simpler to grow. For businesses, being able to easily expand and scale their product is a major benefit.

  • Stable and long time support 

Corporate businesses demand stability and long-term support, whereas software developers, like Node JS developers, are accustomed to things changing continuously and new technologies replacing old ones. They can’t afford to accept every new technology that appears in hopes that it will live through its infancy and fulfill its promises because they have stakeholders to appease and customers to satisfy.

These advantages are enough to boost your website for your business. Once you choose Node JS, you are guaranteed to never regret it. The next step is one of the most crucial steps of the entire process. That is why you should hire a Node JS development company. Go further to know!

Why Should You Hire A Node JS Development Company?

By hiring a Node JS development company, the business software is guaranteed to adopt a sound and useful form. Node JS is cross-platform, scalable, lightweight, and uses an event-driven I/O architecture. These characteristics make it efficient and help to construct a scalable network or scalable server-side web application. Skilled Node JS development companies know how to make good use of Node JS to make the most convenient software. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should hire a Node JS development company:

  • Cost-Efficient

It may not seem like it, but a Node JS development company is much more cost-effective than any developer. The positive side it has been worth spending that money. The company will try to meet your expectations. They are more open to your feedback than other developers. 

  • Fast Delivery

The Node JS development company offers faster delivery. As a company has teams of experts, it is certain that you will have your delivery within no time.

  • Scalable Apps

Node JS application development must prioritize scalability. A lightweight, quick application with an excellent real-time response that you can scale up later is the consequence of hiring the proper Node.JS developers.

  • Less Time, More Work

As a Node JS development company that works in teams, you will be able to get more work within a small amount of time. It can be used as one-stop solution for all website-related work.

  • Unique Outcome

Again, as you are getting a team full of professionals working for your website, it is a must that your outcome will be more unique than others. It will put you ahead in the game!

These are some of the best reasons why you should hire a team of professionals for your Node JS website. Now, there are some things you must consider before choosing a Node JS development company. Let’s dive into it!

Steps Before Choosing Node JS Development Company

Before jumping into the choice without any research may end up badly. This is why it is crucial to follow the steps below,

  • Define your business goals
  • Shortlist similar companies
  • Check out their project portfolio
  • Validate their technology competency
  • Assess their development skills
  • Check their reviews and ratings thoroughly
  • Understand the culture of the company
  • Discuss your project requirements
  • Select a model to communicate
  • Sign an NDA and get started with the project!

When you have these determined, the next process will be much easier for you.

How To Choose The Best Node JS Development Company In Bangladesh

When you are going through companies to choose the best Node JS development company in Bangladesh, look for the following qualities. 

  • API development
  • Plugins Development
  • UI/UX development
  • AJAX development
  • Migration services
  • Real-time chat apps development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Node JS Consulting
  • Node JS outsourcing

If the company has these qualities, verify it. If everything seems good, go ahead, that is the best Node JS development company for your business.

Top 3 Node JS Development Company In Bangladesh

Many IT firms in Bangladesh also provide Node JS development services. But not all of them are beneficial. Before selecting one, you must use extreme caution. One of the top Node JS development firms in Bangladesh is listed here.


Microdeft is one of the most known software development companies in Bangladesh. It has ranked top in several countries in several sectors, such as, React JS, Opencart, Next JS, AJAX software development, etc. Founded in 2015, Microdeft has been serving successfully both globally and locally. 

Microdeft is a one stop solution for all your IT related issues. It gives its best and hires the best of every profession. They not only offer Node JS development but multiple others. Such as, Software development, app development, web development, digital marketing, graphic design etc. 

Microdeft prides itself for having one of the best and strongest IT teams in Bangladesh. Besides that, it also has other teams that are no less good than the IT team. Microdeft believes in quality over quantity unlike other IT companies in the country. Client satisfaction is its motto. Microdeft will walk you through the entire plan of your project. It will also keep you updated with the biggest to smallest details. Microdeft prioritizes its clients over everything else. It strives to meet your expectations. Mirodeft will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the outcome. It will keep working with you till you are satisfied. 

One thing that makes Microdeft stand out is that whatever qualities have been mentioned earlier, that you should follow before choosing your Node JS development company, Microdeft has it all. Microdeft works transparently. It will never hide or exaggerate any quality it does not have. So if you have any query and know that it is important to you, do not hesitate to reach out to them. Microdeft has been the best Node JS development company in Bangladesh, and it will continue to be the best.

TETON Private LTD.

TETON is an IT company that offers services as software development, IoT, Big data, web development, Node JS development, application management and support, cybersecurity etc.


MadThrone is a software development agency that offers custom software development, web development, E-commerce development, application testing and Node JS development.

Node JS is one of the fastest and most lightweight JS ever. Although it is slightly more difficult than other JS, the result is comparatively smoother. Your firm will undoubtedly grow and get a host of advantages thanks to Node JS. You can be sure that a Node JS development business will meet and exceed your expectations. Additionally, it will be a wise use of your money. 

Even if we’ve given you a lot of the knowledge you’ll need to choose a Node JS development business, do some further virtual and physical study.

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