Custom website development is crucial no matter what kind of business you have. In order to boost, grow and expand your business you must invest in a good custom website development. If you want your own custom website developed but don’t have any knowledge of it, you are in the right place. This article will explain the necessity of a custom website for your business. It will also guide you to choose the best custom website development company in Bangladesh.

What Is Custom Website Development?

The entire process of designing, building, deploying, and supporting software specifically for a group of users, tasks, or organizations is known as custom website development. Custom website development, as opposed to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, focuses on meeting a specific set of needs. As COTS addresses a wide range of criteria, it can be packaged, professionally advertised, and delivered. 

A custom website is often handled by in-house development teams or external contractors. Custom website development follows the same procedures and methodology as other software development processes. A custom project would follow the same process as any other software project that includes collecting requirements, writing code, testing it, and deploying it. It would also use the methodologies, such as DevOps, Rapid Application Development, or Agile.

Custom Website Development means the process of building software, especially for your business, designed according to your specific business goals, procedures, and operational needs. This implies that the finished outcome will be customized according to your unique requirements, guaranteeing that it will satisfy your demands in the most effective and efficient manner feasible.

Types Of Custom Websites 

There are two types of custom websites available in the market for business. One is CMS also known as Content Management Systems and another is CRM which is also known as  Customer Relationship Management.


A CRM system helps improve customer relationships through focused and planned interactions. This results in acceleration of your growth. In order to generate more leads, close more deals, and keep your customers satisfied and loyal to you, it is necessary to grow and nurture the connections with each customer and make them feel appreciated.


A CMS is able to create, edit, publish as well as manage a website and all its contents. WordPress, Magneto, and Joomla are examples of well-known CMS platforms that simplify the process of creating content and managing digital assets.

There are also other kinds of custom websites available in the market. However, These two are the most widely used in business.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Websites For Your Business?

Custom website development has multiple benefits for a business or company. Some of such benefits are written below:


Commercial software compatibility with existing applications requires additional investment, while custom websites can be built to integrate with the intended environment.


Freeing from commercial software vendors offers organizations cost savings on licensing and support, while avoiding ongoing maintenance costs. However, custom website costs fall to the organization that created or developed it.


Custom website development can generate income by businesses owning and licensing software to other organizations.


a custom website was built especially to support processes fast and productively. It does not need to modify or tweak COTS programs to do so.


a custom website adapts to organizational growth and changes, allowing designers and developers to assess future needs and incorporate them into the application without additional costs.

These are only a handful of the benefits of a custom website. The list of benefits goes a long way. Now let’s look at the advantages custom website development can add to your business!

Why Should You Hire A Custom Website Development Company?

When it comes to “hiring” for a custom website development nothing can top a custom website development company. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should hire a custom website development company,

  • Cost Effective
  • Dedicated and Talented Team
  • Unique Outcome
  • Faster Development
  • Faster Deployment
  • Flexibility
  • Long term support
  • More work, less time
  • Proven Track Record
  • Scalability
  • Highly Equipped
  • Innovating Solution
  • Reduced Human Error
  • Automatization of Routine Tasks
  • Custom Security

These are some of the main reasons why you need to hire a custom website development company in Bangladesh. Now let’s see how you should choose a custom website development company. 

How To Choose A Custom Website Development Company?

Before going around and choosing a random custom website development company, you need to follow some steps to choose the best one. You too have some preparation to take before talking to the custom website development company. Such as, 

  • Define your business goals
  • What do you want to build?
  • What are your current positions, qualifications and technology stack?
  • What kind of technology stack do you need?
  • What types of professional skills do you need to fill the gaps of your business?
  • What is the immediate plan?
  • What does your future business need?
  • What is your budget plan?

Now that you know the things your business needs, you can now go ahead. The next step is to check the companies. To check the compatibility of the shortlisted custom website company, check the following things,

  • Their expertise
  • Their amount of work
  • Their technical skills
  • Former clients reviews
  • Review authenticity
  • Check the process of their work
  • Their communication routine
  • Their communication media
  • The flexibility of their work
  • Their innovations.

Checking these things should be enough for you to get the best custom website development company in Bangladesh. We have prepared a short list of top custom website development company in Bangladesh. 

Top 5 Best Custom Website Development Company In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is swarmed with a custom website development company. This is why you need to be careful when choosing or searching for a custom website development company. There are many scammers and frauds out there, and you must be aware of those. Let’s look at the top 5 best custom website development company in Bangladesh.


Microdeft was founded in 2015. Since then it has been serving clients successfully. Microdeft works both locally and globally. It has previously appeared in various rankings of various countries. It topped in many countries as the best Next JS, React JS, software, AJAX, Magneto, opencart, and Node JS development company. It also has vast expertise in custom website development. Microdeft has started its journey as a software and custom website development company. 

Microdeft prioritizes its clients over everything else. It believes in quality rather than quantity. Client satisfaction is its motto. They bend themselves according to the client’s needs. Microdeft has already gained a broad group of loyal clients who keep coming back to Microdeft with any IT problem. Microdeft is transparent with its clients. It walks the client through the entire journey of their project. Microdeft claims that it is necessary to build a strong connection with the clients in order for them to grow.

Microdeft prides itself for having the best and strongest IT team in the country. It is a one-stop solution for all your IT-related issues. Microdeft offers custom website development but it also has some other amazing teams. Such as digital marketing, graphic design, web development, app development, etc. Microdeft cares about its clients and this is why it made them experts in every sector that its clients will ever need. 

Microdeft guarantees that your journey with them will be one of a kind. They are confident to meet your expectations and satisfy you at all costs. Compared to what Microdeft offers and does is worth way more than the cost they are charging. Give Microdeft a chance and take your business way ahead.


19 is a full-service digital agency that offers services like, graphic design, social media marketing, video production, web design, and custom web development. 

Invento Bangladesh

Invento Bangladesh is a digital creative agency. It offers services as web design, custom software development, custom web development, digital strategy WTC,


Digitalistic is an information catering, service oriented company. It offers services as, CRM consulting and SI, IoT custom web development and web design.

Nerd Castle Limited

Nerd Castle is a software development company. It offers services as, custom software development, ERP consulting and SI, Mobile app development, custom web development and web design.


Enkaizen was founded in 2017. It provides services as, custom software development, digital strategy, E-commerce development, mobile app development and custom web development. 

Bangladesh is a rising country of ITs. It has IT companies all over the country. It will not take long before Bangladesh ranks as the best country for IT. Custom website development adds various benefits to your business and helps it grow more and more. Hiring a custom website development company will give you the best outcome. However, you have to choose the right one. Microdeft is one of the best software companies to offer the best custom website development company in Bangladesh.

Even though we walked you through the necessary steps to choose the best custom website development company,you still need to do your own research both physically and virtually.