Employee benefits IT companies in Bangladesh are very few in number. The employee-oriented company refers to the organizational culture that prioritizes employee welfare, contentment, and professional growth. Employee orientation increases the interest and needs of the employees. When the employees are given high consideration and proper support, they, too, strive to give their best in their work. How an employee works depends greatly on the benefits the company is offering them. The better the workplace, the better the performance.

Employees are a company’s greatest asset for multiple reasons. Therefore, their motivation, job satisfaction, and engagement are also an investment for the company. In this article, we will explore how employee benefit affects an entire company and which IT company in Bangladesh offers the best employee benefits.

Why is employee benefit necessary?

Companies of every size need to know the importance of employee orientation. A survey shows that employee-oriented companies perform better by 83% than the usual companies.

What makes a company attractive to new and experienced applicants? The answer is the strong blend of the company’s reputation and employee perks. Suppose your company is very famous and every other person knows about it. They want to be employed by your company, but you see, once they get in, the great potential of the employees gets lost. They don’t strive to be better but to leave your company. The reason is that your company lacks employee benefits. Employee orientation is the reason why employees get a comfortable and joyous workplace. Why are employee benefits necessary, you ask? Well,

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Offering competitive benefits allows the employer to draw in and retain the top talent in their industry. As today’s market has more and more options for applicants, offering attractive employee benefits is now more crucial than ever.

Increasing Employee Morale

When the employees are appreciated and cared for, they are more likely to be content and engaged. Employee benefits such as paid leave, expense reimbursements, etc., can boost employee loyalty and morale.

Boosting Health and Well-being 

To support workers’ health and well-being, multiple benefits are being developed. Such as health insurance, better hygiene, different wellness programs, and gym membership are some benefits that may help staff members stay healthy and productive.

Growing Production

Employees are more likely to be effective and productive at work when encouraged, healthy, and safe. The bottom lines of employers might gain from this.

Attaining Legal Requirements:

Certain employee benefits are provided by law, such as employee compensation and unemployment insurance. Suppose the company avoids any of these employee benefits. In that case, it may risk legal ramifications and difficulty attracting and retaining talents.

How does employee benefits affect employee performance?

Putting everything written above aside, how do employee benefits impact employee performance? How is it even linked? Employee benefits exist to make the employee feel better, motivated, prioritized, appreciated, and safe in the workplace. When you are in a place where you feel comfortable and celebrated, your mind will push you to work better. The outcomes are bound to be unique.

Employee benefits improve employee performance in many ways. Such as,

Better Employee Satisfaction: 

Employees are more likely to be content with their jobs and reduce turnover rates when they feel prioritized, valued, appreciated, and safe at work.

Better Performance:

The work gets even better when the employees are given the space and independence to use their imagination and creation. In exchange, the company gets better employee performance and more creative employees.

Increased Employee Retention:

When the employees have a comfortable environment that benefits them in every way, and they are being prioritized as assets, on top of that, if they keep growing in every step, why would they turnover? This can drop the retention rate to almost 0%.

Higher Reputation:

You have the best employees who work best and provide unique outcomes. Your company’s reputation has to increase day by day.

Employee Engagement:

Employee engagement is a commitment to their job and environment. It is the emotional investment of an employee in their workplace. Creating a lively workplace, encouraging open communication, and offering possibilities for growth and development are components of an employee-oriented management strategy.

Better Work Culture:

Employee-focused management can contribute to developing a supportive, welcoming, and collaborative workplace environment where employees feel appreciated, engaged, and safe and are more likely to function successfully as a team.


If the employees are given the freedom and authority to make decisions about their work is referred to as empowering them. Employee empowerment is promoted by management that values its people and gives them the tools, resources, and support they need to be effective decision-makers

What made Microdeft the best employee-oriented IT company?

Microdeft is among the best-growing software development companies with expertise in multiple sectors. If you ask what differentiates Microdeft from other IT companies in Bangladesh, it would be its employee benefits. Microdeft is a highly employee-oriented IT company. It treats its employees as its assets, making it an excellent recruiter and a goal for applicants. Microdeft always evaluates the benefits according to the necessity and comfort of the employees. Microdeft offers not only the best employee benefits but also the best in campus security. Here are some of the employee benefits Microdeft offers.

Educational Assistance: Microdeft acknowledges that the employee’s skills and knowledge are vital to the company’s success. Microdeft offers educational assistance programs to encourage personal development that will improve job-related skills.

Training and Professional Development: Microdeft values employee professional development and personal growth. Therefore, Microdeft encourages employees to pursue education, job-specific training, and seminars or courses for employee betterment.

Vacation: Microdeft encourages employees to make the most of their vacation time. It believes regular breaks from daily work make everyone more productive and recharged. It offers the employees the option of taking the equivalent of their earned vacation hours at their hourly rate.

Scheduled Payday: Unlike any other companies in Bangladesh, Microdeft clears the payments of its employees within the first 5 days of a month. In case of any occasion, Microdeft clears out the payment beforehand.

Salary Increase: Microdeft reviews the work and wages of every employee at least once a month. Such reviews open up a new scope of promotion and better placement.

Expense Reimbursement: Expenses that are needed to execute their work are given by the company.

Paid Leave: Microdeft gives its employees enough freedom. Suppose any employee faces a personal issue that needs a day or two to resolve. In that case, Microdeft does not hold them back or their payment.

Medical Leave: Microdeft is serious about the health of its employees. If an employee is sick, Microdeft gives them the space to recover from home. Microdeft does not allow the employee back to work until their doctor gives written permission.

Family Medical Leave:  Microdeft never returns from any kind of family issue. Microdeft will support the employee if the case is a family member’s health.

Complimentary Lunch: As said earlier, Microdeft cares deeply about the health of its employees. They provide complimentary lunch by maintaining hygiene.

Weekend: Unlike most companies, Microdeft made Friday and Saturday week off. They try their best to prevent employee burnout.

These are only a few benefits Microdeft is offering its employees. Not only these, but Microdeft also keeps a close eye on employee safety. They have a strong security protocol that makes the employees avoid many things such as, To maintain a strong security protocol, Microdeft has issued some strict policies for the employees to avoid, or necessary legal steps will be taken. The employees need to avoid

  • Tobacco products
  • Substance abuse
  • Bully
  • Verbal harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Absence without notice
  • Confidentiality

Employee benefits can change the entire game of the company. If a company will succeed or fail largely depends on the performance and dedication of the employees. Employee performance gets better when they are prioritized and given benefits. Microdeft is one of the best IT companies in Bangladesh. The reason for its succession highly depends on the employee benefits it offers. Microdeft prides itself on being employee oriented. If you are looking for an IT company to apply to, this is your place.

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