Overall excellence can only be achieved when the company has perfected every policy. These policies include the sectors of corporate social responsibilities, abiding by labor law, work culture, and employee benefits. In Bangladesh, IT companies fail to follow these criteria of a company. This carelessness results in poor employee health and performance, affecting society. This article will discuss “overall excellence” and which top IT company is the best for overall excellence. 

Top IT Company Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, is a self-policing business model that enables an organization to be socially liable to its customers, stakeholders, and the general public. By practicing corporate citizenship, companies can be aware of the kind of impacts they are having on every aspect of society. Social, economic, and environmental aspects of society. 

CSR benefits a firm just as much as it benefits the community. CSR activities can create a stronger bond between the employees and the company. It also helps boost morale and helps both parties be more connected to their surroundings. 

The CSR movement had a huge impact in multiple domains. For example, many companies have implemented strategies to increase the environmental sustainability of their operations, such as adding renewable energy sources or buying carbon offsets. Microdeft is the first IT company in Bangladesh to do so. Initiatives have also been made to end unethical labor practices like slavery or child labor in managing supply chains.

CSR projects aim to make the world a better place by directly benefiting people, the environment, and the neighborhood of the company. Additionally, the projects may positively affect a company’s internal operations. Employee satisfaction and retention may improve drastically, knowing their company promotes worthwhile causes. Additionally, people in society will prioritize them whenever needed in any transaction when the companies are trying to have a conscious positive impact on the business. 

Top IT Company Labour Law

Bangladesh’s labor law 2006 mandates all employers to follow the sanctioned federal labor laws and regulations. These laws and regulations outline employment requirements that a company needs to follow. Additionally, the labor code permits employees to affiliate with and join labor unions under the “Employee Rights and Labor Law.” 

The law order contains a detailed explanation of the following things and more,

  • Title of Agreement
  • Identity of Parties
  • Term or Duration
  • Job Responsibilities 
  • Remuneration
  • Benefits
  • Termination Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Types of Workers
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Recruitment
  • Working Hours
  • Wages
  • Leaves and Holidays
  • Termination policies
  • All kinds of penalties

Even though all companies are supposed to follow these rules, some IT companies are too careless to include these in their company policy. This results in employee dissatisfaction, retention, employee burnout, etc. 

Microdeft is the first IT company in Bangladesh that has implemented all the federal laws given by labor law 2006. It is breaking the stereotype of IT companies in Bangladesh. 

IT Company Work Culture

A company’s work culture can make or break it. The idea of work culture has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. Work culture is the collective standards, values, and behaviors of a group of individuals within a company setting. Everyone in the company, from the CEO to the newest hires, contributes to the workplace culture. 

The physical setting of a company has a significant impact on workplace culture. Attitudes, beliefs, traditions, values, and relationships influence this work culture. The majority of our time is spent at work. Therefore, it makes sense that it would have an extensive impact on us. 

Workplace culture is not a static idea. Instead, it alters over time in response to employee behavior. Market, hierarchy, clan, and adhocracy are the four elements of workplace culture that are a subset of organizational Culture. 

Employees are an essential part of a company. So offering them a safe working space and a supportive work environment will foster company success. Additionally, they seek a sense of kinship with their coworkers and the company’s goals. Below are some of the reasons why it is necessary in every workplace, especially IT companies.

  • Reduces Employee Retention
  • Increasing Employee Connection
  • Increased Productivity
  • A Powerful Brand Identity
  • Improves employee creativity
  • Successful training periods
  • Optimal Teamwork.

A company’s work Culture plays a vital role as the ones mentioned above. Maintaining a good and positive work culture is the work of management and employees. Suppose the management has bestowed a few policies upon the employees. However, maintaining the rules is up to the employees and their unity.

Employee Benefit

IT companies come last on the list when it comes to becoming an employee-oriented organizations. An employee-oriented company is a company that values and prioritizes employee welfare, contentment, and professional growth. Employee-oriented companies treat their employees as assets of the company. Employee benefits increase the interest and needs of the employees. When the employees are treated with respect and provided the necessary assistance, they, too, make a great effort to do their best at their work. Better the benefits, the better the performance. 

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. As a result, the company can benefit from their motivation, job satisfaction, and engagement. 

It is proven that employee-oriented companies perform better by 83% than usual companies. A perfect combination of company reputation and employee benefits can be very attractive to the freshers. It also lowers the percentage of employee retention tremendously. When you get new employees in your company, you have to treat them right to make the turnover rate zero for them and utilize the best of them.

When a company masters all these sectors, it becomes closer to being titled as a company with overall excellence. These all are essential for a healthy work environment for the employees and the country. 

Bangladesh’s IT Company for Overall Excellence

Bangladesh’s IT companies lack a way behind it, whether that is CSR, labor law, work culture, or employee benefits. It is known to have one of the most toxic sectors to work in. It does not have any work culture that can be helpful in employee performance. On top of that, IT companies in Bangladesh have little to no employee benefits at all. However, among the IT companies in Bangladesh, Microdeft is the epitome of perfection and a pioneer of all IT companies. It does not compromise when it comes to its employees. This company believes that the employees are its greatest asset. If it can take care of the employees and give them what they deserve, success will follow. Microdeft is not wrong for thinking that way. It is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Bangladesh. It has been working globally with success for years now. It has conquered the global market and made a strong name as the best software development company, best E-commerce developing company, etc., in countries like the UK, USA, Romania, Netherlands, Armenia, etc. Now it is working exclusively in Bangladesh to serve the people of its own country. 

When it is said that Microdeft has gained the place to be titled as “Best in overall excellence,” it is true. Microdeft has a large group of loyal clients who run back to Microdeft for any necessary step they need to take in the tech industry. 

Microdeft runs a large charity that is funded by itself. To take part in corporate social responsibility and help the country’s people, it had taken the decision of charity. It also thinks about employee and company betterment. It has been taking Corporate Social Responsibilities for years now. CSR has helped it grow and is known to people for spreading positivity. 

Microdeft strictly follows the federal law guidance sanctioned by labor law 2006. Microdeft believes that the law guidance benefits them more than the employees. It reduces Microdeft’s work by half by already making rules. However, Microdeft does not consider any kind of negligence in abiding by rules.

Microdeft is one of the best and most positive work cultures among all the IT companies in Bangladesh. As it sees the employees as assets, it does not leave any scope to improve the work culture. Betterment of work culture has brought Microdeft great success. Microdeft has an almost zero retention rate. The employees are very much engaged due to the comfortable and safe environment the company has set for them.

Last but not least, Microdeft has the most employee benefits of all the IT companies in Bangladesh. It offers the employees every necessary thing they might need a backup for. Microdeft aims to keep the employees around for a longer period. It makes plans for the far future, and it knows that valuing its employees will never go waste but an investment itself.

Undoubtedly, Microdeft is setting a new standard for  IT companies to follow. To get the most out of the employees and succeed, a company must balance the four elements, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Abiding by labor law, positive work culture, and rich employee benefits. When a company perfects them, it can title itself with overall excellence. Microdeft is the first IT company in Bangladesh to offer all four of these and get the best result. It is setting new standards for  IT companies to leave the toxic corporate and join a new healthier one.


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