Flutter development is a Google-developed open-source framework. Flutter was first launched in 2018. It primarily assisted in the building of mobile apps. With a single codebase, frontend and full-stack developers use Flutter to build the application’s user interface, also known as UI, for various platforms. Flutter supports six platforms: iOS, Android, the web, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Why has Flutter Become Such a Well-liked Platform?

No matter how skillfully you use React Native for application optimization, it cannot be 100% smooth. React Native has a limitation in what can be done. It is subject to numerous restrictions due to code management and internal design. Flutter uses device APIs, various libraries, and UI rendering components to operate. The experience and functionality of apps are being improved daily with various tools and technologies.

Flutter gives life to developers’ dream projects. It reduces expenses, quickens development, and streamlines the development life cycle. It gives flutter designers a blank slate to build premium user experiences. 

Compared to React Native, Flutter has a built-in widget catalog. This catalog is dedicated to providing engaging, high-performance application components. Flutter makes creating UIs with intricate interfaces much simpler.

Unlike React Native, Flutter takes less testing time due to having one codebase. Additionally, a single codebase supports iOS and Android. There is more to this. Flutter is better, easier, and faster to work with than React Native, which makes it so well-liked.

Why Should You Use Flutter to Develop Your Next Mobile App?

Flutter Development Companies

Flutter has excellent characteristics that other frameworks lack. Previously we have seen why Flutter is so well-liked in the developing world. Here we will explore the characteristics and why you should choose Flutter to develop your next mobile app. 

Hot Reload:

Flutter is written in the Dart programming language. This is why Flutter has a speedy development workflow and a “hot reload” feature. The “hot reload” allows Flutter quicker iterations while reducing development costs.

Cross-Platform Development:

Flutter makes it easier to build scalable applications with distinctive user interfaces. It works with both iOS and Android. Flutter’s acceptance as a cross-platform framework stimulated app development. Flutter cross-platform apps are now in plenty of app development services. For instance, Flutter can be used with Google apps.

Open Source:

As an open-source framework by Google, Flutter lets you be creative with multi-platform apps from one codebase.

Native Features:

Utilizing a mobile device’s native functions, such as camera, GPS, and fingerprint sensor, is made feasible by Flutter.


The native widgets of Flutter speed up testing. There are almost no compatibility issues between the various OS releases. 

Simple to Learn:

React Native, Swift, and Java are more difficult to understand and use than Flutter. Flutter is easy to install on a Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation. Google has added Dart programming language to ensure all parts can be installed simultaneously.

Speedy Performance:

There are numerous methods for performance testing in Flutter apps. The framework offers a wide range of test and performance measurement options. The developer community has a strong level of support for Flutter speed improvement. 

These are the characteristics that make Flutter different from other software. However, these are also why you should choose Flutter to develop your next mobile app. There is good software out there, but Flutter is the best.

Guide to Choose The Best Flutter Development Company

Flutter development companies are a safe option for hiring a developer. A company contains employees who are experts in different areas. They also have different sectors that take care of different things. So when you choose a Flutter development company, you get a package of work done in one place instead of running from place to place. However, you should know something two before choosing a random Flutter development company. Here is guidance on choosing a Flutter development company.

Flutter was initially marketed in 2017. So keep a close eye on the case studies published after the time if you want to read about the company implementing projects using Flutter. As Flutter is still in its infancy, choosing a company with a good portfolio of using Flutter and adopting its benefits for projects in your niche is sensible.

 As Flutter is developed by Google, the companies who work with it are also Google certified.

Well-experienced developer companies not only use but also build their tech stack. They also come up with ideas for improving the working process for better outcomes and sharing their tools and techniques with the community. 

If you are on a tiny budget and want to hire a cheap developer, your money can go to waste. Not all people who charge cheap are amateurs or bad at it, but mostly they are. It depends on you to let your small budget go to waste or get a money-worthy outcome. The Flutter developer companies charge per hour on the team. It is convincing enough if you think about the package you are getting compared to cheap developers.

Best Flutter Development Companies

Flutter development companies are not less in number. Day by day, Flutter has gained more popularity and is taking over the market. No matter how famous Flutter gets, it’s still in its infancy. So finding a Flutter development company worth the money is getting tougher by the day. This blog will show you some of the best Flutter development companies based in Bangladesh. This list is according to their experiences, reviews, portfolios, and expertise.


Starting its journey in 2015, Microdeft has successfully served local and global clients worldwide. Microdeft is a software development company. It takes pride in having the best software team. Its team contains internal teams that have expertise in different software. 

Microdeft, especially with expertise in Flutter. It has gained fame in many countries as a Flutter master company. Now it targets to be the first in Bangladesh. Unlike many other Bangladeshi companies, Microdeft has a vast and strong portfolio of Flutter. They have been developing apps using Flutter for more than 4 years. 

With a team of 50 software specialists, Microdeft also has other sectors. Those sectors are as famous as the software team. The sectors are graphic design and digital marketing. So when hiring Microdeft as a Flutter development company, you won’t have to go to other places for more work. Microdeft offers web development, app development, software development, SEO and digital marketing, graphic design, backup, and security. Microdeft will keep you updated with the smallest details from the very start of your project to the finishing. It believes in being transparent to the clients and working till they are satisfied. 

Microdeft can be expensive, but it’s all worth it when you know the outcome will surely meet your expectations. 

Cosmic IT Ltd.

Cosmic IT Ltd. was founded in 2016, offering website, mobile app, e-commerce, software, digital marketing, and ITeS consulting services. Cosmic IT Ltd. employs an experienced IT team for superior products and solutions. They aim to build the world’s largest technology company and support local entrepreneurship.


CodersCrown, a top Bangladeshi web development, and digital marketing company, expanded services to include UX, app development, and SEO. Based on web design, development, and digital marketing in Bangladesh, offering affordable, effective strategies. CodersCrown prioritizes customer trust and satisfaction, using updated software and technology for website design and development. They maintain project delivery time and client requirements and offer transparent services.

Flutter is a growing framework by Google. It is taking over the tech world faster than any other single-code framework. It is comparatively easier to learn and use. It is used to build the best mobile apps. Even though it is gaining fame by the day, it is still in its infancy. This is why checking on the Flutter development companies very well is crucial. They can make things up, ask for proof, and then choose!