Marketing on social media platforms is becoming popular day by day. Social media is a great place for today’s marketers. Social media marketing doesn’t mean simply posting on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  There are more things marketers can do on social media. Getting long-term benefits needs much time and effort. 


Internet use in the world is rising. According to Statista, the number of internet users in the world is 5bn in 2022. There is higher growth in digital marketing. Marketing on social media is a part of digital marketing. The benefits of digital marketing are many. In many cases, marketing means digital marketing.  


About 4.62 billion people in the world use social media. There are many benefits for the marketers on these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are the most popular social media platforms. 


The high potentiality is attracting marketers to these platforms. The competition is increasing. Marketers need to stand out from the crowd to be successful. A marketer may need to compete with influencers, celebrities, and many renowned brands. So, Marketers need to be strategic and tricky on these platforms. 


A marketer needs a unique strategy. You need to look for innovative strategies. You need to work continuously to bring new ways. Reaching customers with innovative ideas can help you to stand out from the crowd. 

The increase of platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. says that the requirements of being up-to-date. So, to not miss any opportunity, try to be up-to-date. 

What is Marketing on Social Media? 

Social media marketing is the marketing of products or services through social media platforms. There are so many social media channels in the world. The number of social media channels is rising day by day. Some are losing their appeal. Some are booming. Not all social media platforms are beneficial for all businesses. Some social media are important for B2B marketing strategy and some are for the B2C marketing strategy. Try to understand which medium is important for marketing on social media for your business. 

Social media marketing terms

You need to know some social media marketing terms. To develop an effective strategy, you need to be familiar with these terms. The most common terms for SMM are as follows. 


Content is the life of any marketing strategy. Content is anything you post on social media channels. For example, you may post a status, an image, or a video. Your post on social media is your content. So, content can be a video, image, information, animation, meme, etc. A link-sharing on social media is also called content. A digital marketer can share a website or website link for SEO purposes. This is an example of link-sharing content. 


Marketers need the right place for putting the right content. The mismatch of the content and context can create a great problem. To get more relevant engagement on social media, posting content in the right context is necessary. So, marketers should look for the right context for placing the content. Putting the right content in the right context helps in increasing engagement. For example, to get an audience for your blog post, try to use hashtags on Twitter. 


The use of hashtags on social media has become a trend now. The use of hashtags increases the chance of sharing the content. On Twitter and Instagram,  the use of hashtags is much more popular. Hashtags help the reader to understand what your content is about. Marketing on social media using hashtags can get more shares. 


Now, conducting PPC campaigns on social media platforms. The PPC campaign helps in getting a more immediate response. It helps in reaching more people in the shortest possible time. 


More and more shares on social media means the audience is highly engaged with the content. When people like content, they are likely to share the content. More sharing increases the reach of the content. 


The term engagement refers to how an audience reacts to a social media post. It can be in many forms such as commenting, sharing, or reacting. 

Different Types of Social Media Marketing

Businesses can do marketing on social media platforms in many ways. Marketers may use all types of marketing. Or the marketers may use any of the marketing types or the marketers may use in combination. 

The most used social media marketing types are as follows. 

  • Content marketing: Content is the main thing of SMM. Great content keeps the capacity of generating a large audience. Content marketing such as short video content, motion graphics, infographics, etc. is becoming popular day by day. 
  • PPC marketing: A marketer may use PPC advertising on social media. It will help the markers to get more reach in a short time. 
  • Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is one of the best ways of marketing on social media. The influencers may have a larger audience group on social media platforms. To increase credibility and reach, influencer marketing is effective.  


Mind what type of marketing you are using, content is a must for all. Without content, there is no scope for marketing. Try to engage with the customers in more creative ways. Observe which content works well on which. Design your marketing campaign accordingly. 


Keep in mind the types of social media marketing in developing a marketing campaign. Then, focus on your social media platforms where you are going to conduct the marketing campaign. There are many social media platforms for marketers. 


No one social media platforms are useful for all. No one can say anyone is best over the other platforms. Some fruitful social media platforms with a greater number of users are as follows. For example, LinkedIn marketing can be the best option for target marketing in the B2B market. 


Let’s explore social media platforms.


The world’s largest social media channel is Facebook. Facebook has the highest number of users in the world. In the first quarter of 2022, Facebook has 2.3 billion active users. 

Facebook Ad marketing is now much more popular. A newbie company can use Facebook marketing for growing high in the shortest possible time. The marketers who focus much on advertising, Facebook is a good option for the marketers. For fashion products, Facebook live is very effective.


Instagram is a growing social media platform. It is mostly popular for image marketing. But, nowadays video marketing is getting popular. The engagement rate is good on Instagram compared with other social media platforms. 

A marketer can use both short and long-term videos. Marketers can also share Instagram stories to get more visibility. Using hashtags on Instagram is popular. A call to action option is available with each photo shared on Instagram stories. Try to optimize the Instagram bio. It will help in reaching more customers. 

Influencer marketing is more effective on Instagram than on any other platform. Instagram marketing is more effective for fashion products and home decor products. An individual can earn by Instagram affiliate marketing.  


YouTube is not like other traditional social media platforms. It is a video-sharing platform. A marketer can develop a long-term strategy with this platform. People now love to watch videos of any products. People mostly love to watch electric products and gadgets on YouTube. 

So, YouTube can be a good platform for the marketers of electric products. The service provider companies such as selling SEO tools, and email marketing tools can use the YouTube platform. A marketer can share unlimited video on this platform. 


There are 433 million users on Pinterest. Pinterest is an image-sharing platform. The platform allows marketers to share their website links. So, marketers can drive huge customers from Pinterest to their websites. 

The brand selling women’s products can use this platform. The majority of Pinterest users are women. The image size and format are important to fit well on Pinterest. 


Twitter is effective for reaching a wide variety of customers in the world. There are 300m, active users on Twitter. On Twitter, using hashtags is popular. Marketing on social media like Twitter is becoming popular.  Twitter allows only 280 characters in each tweet. 

A marketer can share links on Twitter. So, to get more visitors for any website content, marketers can use this platform. 


LinkedIn works like the Facebook platform. But it is a platform for professional people. LinkedIn marketing is much more effective for the B2B market. The platform is very helpful for B2B lead generation. A marketer using a B2B lead generation tool can better serve.

As it is a platform for the professional, the platform should be used carefully. The content that can help people grow their careers is more effective than any funny content. Try to write content that can benefit the community. 

LinkedIn marketing is also an effective way of advertising. LinkedIn is effective for B2B companies. This doesn’t mean that the platform is not effective for B2C companies. 


Snapchat is mainly popular with women and young people. A marketer can target customers by using short videos or images. Use stories to increase customer engagement. The content on Snapchat is temporary. So, try to grab attention in starting your content. 

How to do Marketing on Social Media Platforms

To do marketing on social media platforms, marketers need to be strategic. A marketer needs proper planning to be successful on these social media platforms. Businesses are now increasing their social media marketing budgets. Only increasing the budget may not bring a good result for the marketers. There needs proper planning and strategies along with a good budget. 


With great content, a marketer can reach high potential customers on social media platforms. Create unique and creative content. The 4 steps of doing marketing on social media platforms are as follows. 

  • Develop strategy

Social media marketing strategy is the main thing in making a marketing campaign successful. The proper strategy helps to achieve goals more effectively. Without a sound SMM strategy, a marketer’s effort can go in vain. A sound strategy can make the path of the goal achieving smooth. 

First, select the platform. Here, a marketer can choose more than one platform for content. 

Then, develop a content strategy. Decide what type of content you are going to share on social media platforms. In developing the content ideas, keep in mind your target audience. 

A good content strategy helps to  

  • Create a great content
  • Generate consumer engagement
  • Achieve the objectives like reach, sales conversions, etc. 

The social media marketing strategy must be exact and clear. There is no place for vagueness. The goals also must be measurable. The strategy should also have a plan for monitoring and evaluating an SMM campaign.  

  • Plan and Publish content

Developing and publishing content may not bring good results. There needs proper planning. In planning content, try to give focus on the following factors. 

  • Understand your target audience: Research your audience. Try to gather as much information about the target market.  
  • Focus on generating quality content: Try to create value for the customers. 
  • Consider marketing campaign objectives: Focus on your marketing campaign objectives. Develop content based on your objectives.  
  1. Monitor and analyze the performance 

After publishing your content, monitor continuously. Measure the engagement of your content. Collect feedback from your target audience. Observe the analytics of the marketing campaign. It will help in getting industry insights. Marketers can get an idea of the social trends. The  

From the monitoring, you will get a better idea of your future content. 

  • Improve strategy 

A marketer can get deep insights from its previous campaign. It helps the marketer to understand the user behavior. Determine which platforms work best for you. The analytics also help to understand the best time of marketing on social media platforms. 

So, finally, refine your strategy and develop a more effective marketing campaign for social media marketing. 


In conclusion, marketing on social media platforms is important for marketers. The number of social media users can bring more customers to a business. There are many social media platforms that a marketer can use. A marketer needs to decide which platform can serve its interest best. 

A sound marketing strategy can enhance the success of a social media marketing campaign. A marketer should focus on content development. Unique and creative content bears great value for the customer’s engagement.