If you heard about digital marketing, you have most probably heard about SEO. You may have some basic knowledge about SEO and its importance. SEO benefits an eCommerce website in many ways. In this article, we’ll describe in detail the importance of SEO for eCommerce websites. 

SEO is a necessity for any eCommerce website. Your products or services need to reach prospective customers so that customers can find your products when they search on search engines. For this reason, you need to rank your website or web pages higher than your competitors and SEO can help you in this regard. Why an SEO-optimized website is important for an eCommerce business will be discussed in the article. 

What is SEO and eCommerce SEO? 


Better SEO means a better position on SERP. SEO is the abbreviation of the phrase Search Engine Optimization. It helps a website in increasing its visibility on search engines. So, it can be defined as the process of increasing a site’s visibility and ranking on search engines. The more people visit your site, the more traffic is generated on the site and the more chances of converting these audiences into successful customers. 

E-commerce SEO 

E-commerce SEO refers to the SEO for an online shop to rank on the search engine result pages. Businesses that sell products through online stores need eCommerce SEO. An example of an eCommerce SEO is writing descriptions of a product or service using relevant keywords. As part of SEO, backlink building on other websites or social media pages is also considered an example of e-commerce SEO. Ecommerce SEO also involves the optimization of meta tags, titles, a user-friendly interface, navigational experience, etc. along with product description and link building. 

Along with product-related pages optimization, other areas of an eCommerce website are important for getting a ranking on SERP. For example, the home page, blog article page, contact page, help page, FAQ page, etc. are also needed to optimize for getting more traffic on the e-commerce site. 

The importance of SEO for eCommerce website

Now, in detail, you will be able to know about the importance of SEO for eCommerce websites. 

Helps in staying in the competition 

Google shows only 10 results on its search result’s first page. People are most likely to have their answer from the first page and they may not need to visit the second, third, or fourth page. A prospective customer may search a term on a search engine that is related to the products or services you provided. If you don’t rank on the first page of the search engine, you most probably lost prospective customers to your competitors. So,  to keep your web pages on the first page of the search engine and not lose customers to your competitors, you need to do SEO for eCommerce websites.  

Drives traffic to your website

The importance of SEO for any eCommerce business is immense. If you have an eCommerce website that simply wants to sell something, you need SEO to make your site available to your target audience. For every online business, bringing traffic as much as possible is the ultimate goal as it increases the chances of generating more leads and actual customers for your business. Also, your eCommerce business needs to rank higher than the competitors. You also need to display your products to the right prospective customers to convert them to actual customers.   

Chances of generating impulse buying

Impulse buying refers to the purchase decision of the customers which is sudden and unplanned. In an impulse buying situation, customers by seeing the products immediately feel the urge to buy the product and buy the product. Now the question is, how does SEO help in generating impulse buying? When your eCommerce site is SEO optimized and the audience searches for terms related to the products sold on the eCommerce site, there is a chance that the audience may redirect to the website. When the audience visits the site he/she can see your offerings and it may attract and create an urge to buy the product. That’s how SEO helps in generating impulse buying on your e-commerce site. 

Helps in reducing marketing cost 

Instead of relying on paid ads or social media ads, eCommerce sites can generate leads and customers by doing SEO of the site. SEO helps an e-commerce site to rank on the search engines naturally. The paid ad can incur huge costs and needs continuous efforts to make the eCommerce site available to its target audience. By doing SEO in the right way, an e-commerce site can bring more traffic in an organic way than paid ads which can help in reducing the marketing costs of the business.  

Helps in increasing trust and creating loyal customers 

Traffic to a website can come from both paid ads and organic search results. Generally, customers trust organic results more than paid results. A study shows that around 53% of traffic in Google comes from organic search whereas only 27% of traffic come from paid search. Imagine you are looking to buy a bicycle online. You search on Google and some results have been shown to you. Most probably you will look for organic results rather than paid results. 

Benefits for a long time

SEO for an eCommerce business can be considered a long-term investment. SEO works as a process. The process doesn’t produce immediate results like a paid ad search campaign. SEO takes time to produce results and the produced results are more sustainable than the results produced by the paid ads. When an ad campaign has come to an end, it stops producing results at that time. Like paid campaigns, SEO doesn’t stop producing results after the campaign is turned off. Positive rankings, a high-quality optimized campaign, and a good interface of a website can generate value for an e-commerce site for many years. SEO can be a long-term marketing strategy for an eCommerce business.

Facilitates remarketing strategy 

By setting cookies on the website, you can collect visitors’ data. SEO by bringing high-quality visitors to the website can help in creating a larger remarketing audience. For example, an individual can read an informative blog on your website. After a certain time, the audience may find a product in his/her search results. This will passively remind the audience about the e-commerce brand. The remarketing campaign induces a target audience to prefer your brand over the competitors’ brands.        

Why will you take professional SEO services for your e-commerce site? 

As you know the importance of SEO for e-commerce websites, you may feel the need of doing SEO for your eCommerce site. You can do the SEO of your site by yourself or take help from professional SEO agencies. Now the question is why you will take professional SEO services?

Doing SEO needs expertise, knowledge, skills, and resources. Professional SEO services by incurring a certain cost may bring higher ROI than SEO done by yourself. To better rank on search results pages needs high-quality SEO-optimized website content which may not be done with little expertise in SEO. Along with knowledge and skills, there are many tools such as tools for grammar, plagiarism, backlink, SEO, ranking, etc. checking, and other tasks for doing SEO. For an individual eCommerce firm, the cost of using those tools can be very high and may also be impossible in certain cases. When you will take professional SEO services from any SEO agency, you will enjoy the benefits of using those tools.   

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The digitization process and customer demand have accelerated the rise of eCommerce businesses across the world. As the eCommerce firms are rising, the competition is being more intense among them. To stand out from the crowded market, SEO for eCommerce websites is needed which can help in better ranking in the SERP  than competitors. 
The article has described the importance of SEO for eCommerce websites. The importance of SEO for eCommerce websites is not limited to the above-mentioned benefits. SEO can benefit an eCommerce business for years after the end of the campaign. Because of a lack of expert knowledge, it is better to take professional SEO services for better outcomes. If you want to take the help of SEO agencies, you can consider the service of Microdeft. From Microdeft you can get the best deal at the best prices.