Affiliate Program in Amazon is also known as Amazon associates. In the blogging area on the internet, amazon affiliate marketing is much more popular. Today’s blog will discuss in detail an affiliate program in Amazon. You will be able to know what the Amazon affiliate program is and how it works. The blog will also present the rules and requirements for being an Amazon associate on affiliate program in amazon. 

Many young people are now earning a handsome amount from the Amazon affiliate program. The world’s largest e-commerce site provides websites and blogs to monetize the sites for earning. It’s very simple to earn through an affiliate program on Amazon. First, sign up. After getting approval from Amazon, place the Amazon affiliate link on your website. When anyone will buy an Amazon product by clicking your link, you will receive a commission from Amazon because of the affiliate program in amazon. 

So, it’s simple to earn from the Amazon affiliate program. But it is not as simple as it sounds. You may be in a hassle with how to start Amazon affiliate marketing and what tricks should be followed to be successful. Let’s know about the affiliate program on Amazon.

What is the Affiliate Program in Amazon or Amazon Affiliate Program? 

The Affiliate Program in Amazon is the best well-known affiliate marketing in the world. It is free to be an Amazon affiliate associate. To join affiliate programs with Amazon, the website owners or bloggers need not spend money. Free of cost, anyone can become an Amazon affiliate programmer. The Amazon associates give advertisements for the products from by creating links. Website visitors visit the sites and click links to buy products from Amazon. When a visitor buys through the links, Amazon associates get referral fees. To understand the affiliate program in Amazon, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is. 

What is affiliate marketing? 

A new form of marketing is affiliate marketing. In this marketing tactic, an online retailer allows the niche bloggers product affiliate links. The website owners create a unique link for every product. Then, the owner starts promoting the links on the website so the visitor clicks the links and makes a purchase. If a market purchases a product, the website owner automatically gets a commission. 

You can be an affiliate marketer by affiliate program in amazon if you already own a website, especially a blog site. It would be perfect if your blogs provides the opportunity for product mention. For example, you own a blogging site where you share SEO tips. So, on your website, you can promote any digital marketing agency or any SEO tools. 

The blogging website is best for any type of affiliate program in amazon. If your website directly sells products, the affiliate programs are not right for you. One thing is important for affiliate marketing and it is the site’s Google ranking. The higher the rank of your web pages on the Google search engine, the more exposure you will get. To improve Google ranking, you need to know SEO. Do your website’s SEO properly and rank well to earn as much as from affiliate marketing.

How the Amazon affiliate program works 

In the affiliate program on Amazon, the website owners create links to the products of Amazon. Promote the products and drive traffic to Amazon’s site. Now, let’s go to explore how an affiliate program in Amazon works. 

Step 1: First, the website owner needs to open an account on the Amazon site. 

Step 2: Amazon gives the account holders a unique associate ID.

Step 3: After only getting approval from Amazon, the associates can create affiliate links. They create the links on their Amazon portals. 

Step 4: In this stage, the Amazon associates post the links on their content or any other areas of their websites. 

Step 5: When a visitor clicks the link and buys the product, the website owners get commissions from Amazon. 

There is a record of earning on average $100 to $20000 from the affiliate program in Amazon. The amount of your earnings will depend on the number of referrals you have been able to generate. It is a commissioned-based earning system. Here, you will receive a certain percentage of each sale. Amazon does not give the same rate of commissions on every product. 

Your commission will vary based on the product categories. For example, you are operating a recipe blog. Amazon offers a 3% commission on each ingredient sale. So, you can earn $3 US dollars if the ingredient product price is $100 US dollars for each product. 

The journey with the Amazon affiliates is not very smooth. In the initial stage, you may not earn your expected amount. You need to be consistent in blog uploading and work hard to improve your Google ranking so that you can get many website visitors. The more visitors on your website,  the more chances of clicks on your website. 

Before starting an affiliate program in Amazon, check the amazon affiliate rate on different product categories. Then you can decide wisely, which product should be promoted on your website.  It can help you to calculate your potential income from the affiliate program.  

Affiliate program rules and requirements 

A great and popular source of earning from blogging websites is the affiliate program in Amazon. It has now become as much as popular as Google AdSense. Amazon itself has provided certain guidelines for its associates. 

So, a website owner must need to know the rules and requirements before diving to become an Amazon associate. If an Amazon associate does not comply with those rules and requirements, can be banned from the affiliate program in Amazon. 

Amazon always encourages its associates to promote products ethically. It also prevents its associates from deploying the system like a gaming system. Here, the major rules and requirements of the affiliate program are presented for you as follows. 

  • You must publish on your website to earn recommendations. 
  • Never provide any deceptive promise in the recommendations. 
  • Amazon discourages referring to any price as its prices can fluctuate at any time. but, there may be exceptions where you may need to mention the price of the products. 
  • Don’t promote the links through offline mediums, emails, eBooks, etc. 
  • On affiliate links, never use link shorteners.  


Retail the detailed policies of Amazon from here

How to be an Amazon Associates 

1. Make a website or blog 

For being an Amazon affiliate, you must need to have a website, blog site, app, or simply YouTube channel. They must have to be an active site. It would be better for you if your site is pre-loaded with much content from earlier. The content will present your website as an active site to both visitors and Amazon. In the application form for the Amazon affiliate program, 

2. Sign up on the Amazon Affiliate home page

You need to have an Amazon affiliate account if you want to do Amazon affiliate marketing. So, go to the homepage of the Amazon affiliate and navigate to the sign-up page. From here, you have to open a new account. If you already have an account, you can log in from there. 

3. Provide your account information 

Here, you need to enter your account information. The information includes the name, address, and phone number of the website owner.  

4. Place your website address 

Here, you need to provide your website address. If you will do affiliate marketing from apps or YouTube, you will be required to provide them. 

5. Place the store ID you prefer 

You can place here your preferred store ID. It is normally similar to your primary website address. Here, you need to explain your objectives. What is your website hoping to accomplish? Here, you also need to select the subject that your affiliate link will prefer to target. 

6. Provide an explanation of how will you drive traffic to your website 

In this stage, you have to provide a detailed explanation of driving traffic to your site. And the ways of using your site, app, or channel for generating income.  You need to explain how you generally create links and the number of visitors every month on your site. 

7. Select the preferred payment method 

You can select your payment method now or later. In the payment option, you need to provide your tax ID and credit card information. Then click to proceed to the next step. 

8. Generate affiliate links 

After the completion of the opening account, you will have your personal associate homepage. From here, you can generate affiliate links. You can find here the detailed overview such as link clicks, monthly earnings, each month’s summary, etc. 

How will you generate links? 

  • First, log in to your account. 
  • At the top of the banner, there is an option for link building. Click on the option “Product Linking” and choose the product links. 
  • Enter the ASIN provided by Amazon or search the product on the search bar. 
  • Then proceed further by clicking the Go button. 
  • Here, you will find the Get Link button. Click on the button. 
  • There is another option for generating affiliate links. Try Amazon Associates Site Stripe. From there you can directly generate affiliate links from the product page. 
  • Finally, your link is produced. Now you can promote the link on your website. In promoting the links try to follow Amazon’s standards. 


How will you make money from the affiliate program on Amazon?  

You can earn a good amount from your website if you carefully proceed with the affiliate program in Amazon. Follow the following few tips for making money from the Amazon affiliate program. 

  • Go with a niche for your website

It will not be good for you if your website does not have any specific niche. For example, if you are working on several niches in a single website, the Amazon affiliate program is not right for you. To earn maximum from affiliate partnership, select a single niche for your website. Then select a product niche that is related to your website niche. It will increase your website to your visitors. And if they find it reliable, there are chances they will make the purchase. 

  • Write posts on product reviews 

A good way of earning from the Amazon affiliate program is to write product review posts. A product review post helps in providing the links you are promoting. But, you must be careful. Don’t write any fake reviews to influence the visitor to make the purchase. Write authentic reviews and increase the credibility of your post. People will buy automatically from the links if they find the review authentic.

  • Product Comparison 

It’s also like the review post. The difference is that here, you are comparing products. Like review posts, here you also need to be careful in writing the comparison. Do not give false information only for promoting your links. 

  • Ensure regular blog posts 

Post regularly on your blogs. Try to make blog posts on a regular basis. Posting a minimum on the blog each week is a must for generating a good amount from the affiliate program in Amazon. 

  • Promote your site on social media and on Google

You can give paid ads on social media and Google. Without traffic, you are not able to earn money from an affiliate program on Amazon. The more visitors you have, the more income you are likely to generate.  From ads, you can get some immediate visitors. 


Many of us start blogging for our passion. Ain’t it cool to earn a good amount from our passion project? So, start earning today from the affiliate program on Amazon. Now, many bloggers start blogging by targeting Amazon affiliate marketing. So, by knowing in detail about the Amazon affiliate program, start your affiliate marketing.