The importance of blogging for businesses and marketing can not be described in just a few words.  A blog increases the trust of a website. Blogging refers to any writing content that is published on the internet. Informative content writing like blogging can help a business to reach the target audience. A study shows around 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. So, this increases the high potentiality for customers’ engagement with a website. 


People usually use search engines for finding information. To satisfy the audience search engines need informative content. The content which shows concern for the audience’s needs and benefits becomes trustworthy to the audience. When an audience trusts a website, he/she becomes more engaged with the website and has a higher chance to convert from readers to buyers/clients of the website.   


So every business should have a blog site or blog page to increase the traffic to the website and also increase the audience engagement with the business. And it also helps to improve google ranking of your business websites. The importance of blogging for a business is very immense and some of the benefits of blogging are described in this article. 

What is blogging for a business? 

There are around four billion people across the world who are connected over the internet. 

Internet use is still increasing at a high pace across the world. So, to connect with target customers a business needs to stay online. How would a business connect with its target audience? There are several ways by which a business can connect with its target audience. By selling products or services directly through the website, maintaining a presence on different social media platforms, blogging, and many other ways. 

Business blogging refers to a marketing strategy. It is the strategy of using blogging for increasing the visibility of a business to the target audience. Business blogging by providing informative content helps the audience in getting their necessary information. Business blogging works like other marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, etc. It brings the target audience to the website and introduces the audience to the business or its products and services. So, blogging can support the growth of a business.  

Importance of blogging for a business 

You may conduct an e-commerce site to sell products or services, or a company website that may simply provide information about your business. Whatever the website type is, you can do blogging on your website to increase site audience and engagement. Blogging can benefit a website in many ways. Some importance of blogging is described below. 

Helps in creating brand awareness

Some people know about you. They will write your name on search engines and will find you. But what about who doesn’t know about your business? Informative blogging can help them to find your business. People mostly search in the search engines mainly for finding information, not for buying. By developing informative content, you can reach the audience and meet their needs wherein in the meantime you can introduce your brand to that audience. When you publish a blog from your website an indexed page is added to the website. It means there is one more possibility to show your website on the SERPs. Consequently the chances of more visitors to your site. 

Helps in collecting the target audience’s email address

When a website publishes more informative content that can satisfy a specific group of people’s interests, people tend to visit the site more frequently to read more informative content. In this case, the website can encourage the audience to share their email address with the website to send more informative writing like that. Customers may find it easier to have the content on their mail and can share the mail id with the website. The website can use the collected emails for retargeting the audience.  

Drives social media engagement

Sharing the blog content on the social media platforms can help the business website for increasing engagement on their social media platforms. The social media pages that are able to bring the content to the right audience at the right time on the social media platforms can get much more engagement on the social media as well as on the website. People may love to read your content and they will go to your website to read that content. So, share your blogs on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to get more traffic to your website. By sharing the blog content, you avoid developing new content for social media. Thus, it will reduce your efforts and also increase your social media page’s authenticity.  

Enhances brand trust

Writing quality content proves the expertise of the businesses in that area. For example, if anyone provides SEO services through his/her website, generating content related to SEO can increase his/her credibility. Writing informative, qualitative content on the topic of SEO proves his/her expertise in that area and that helps in further increasing trust in the website and its owners. 

Helps in promoting products or services 

The blog is considered the indirect medium for promoting a business’s products or services. But you can also do direct promotion of your products or services through blogging. But this is not the right tactic. Because the audience reads a blog for the information that can satisfy their needs. So, try to write valuable & interesting content to satisfy the audience’s needs. When you will be able to produce highly valuable content, you can give a pitch about your products very shortly. Try to promote your products or services suggestively and quietly.          

Helps in sharing brand news

A company blog is a good medium for sharing the company’s news. Along with other content, you can publish your business’s news, stories, research, etc. You can demonstrate case studies where you can share your journey with the clients. You may attend a local sales fair. Share the news on your blogging site, it will help you to teach people about your business. So, the opportunity of sharing company news is another importance of blogging for a business. 

Provides long-term benefits

Blogs can generate traffic continuously from their publishing. To get continuous traffic for your website you can do blogging. An informative blog can be beneficial for many people and people used to read the blog for their personal needs. If you are able to ensure the ranking of blog posts, it will generate traffic for months, and years for your business. So, the importance of blogging for a business is also pervasive by providing long-term benefits.  

Facilitates link-building 

Backlinks or inbound linking are important to Google for giving rank to a web page. By sharing content links on different social media, the website can get huge backlinks. The backlinks will ultimately help the business to get more traffic for itself. So, link-building of the site is another importance of blogging for a business.  

Facilitates marketing

Blog marketing refers to the way of reaching the target audience through blogs. There is no need for a separate blog site if you already have a website for your business. By integrating two, you can easily manage your site. Blog marketing will give you the opportunity to interact with the target audience. By providing new content regularly, the website can draw back the target audience’s interest. These activities increase the chances of turning an audience into a client or customer.   

How will you do blogging to promote your business? 

Blogging does not directly promote a business or its products. Rather it does indirect marketing for a business. But, there are chances of doing direct marketing of a business through blogging. 


  • First, before generating content try to set your business objectives and know your target market. 
  • Identify the needs of the target audience. 
  • Write genuine content that can really meet the audience’s information needs. 
  • You can add a call to action button if you want the audience to take an action.
  • Promote content on social media to increase engagement.
  • Collect email lists. 
  • Monitor and evaluate your content 
  • By analyzing analytics, take actions for improvement. 


If you want to do direct promotion of your business or products, you have to do the task strategically. You can provide a short pitch of your product or business in the content. But try to ensure the relevance of the product promotion with the content. You can also provide a product review that can help you directly promote your products. Professional help can serve you best if you have little knowledge about SEO and blogging. Microdeft is a start-up-focused digital marketing agency that can serve you best if you need any professional help. 


The article has discussed some of the importance of blogging for a business. Hope you now understand blogging’s importance for your business. Blogging can help you to better engage with your target audience along with increasing exposure to your business. As days go by, the importance of blogging is increasing. If you are the owner of any type of business, you can consider blogging to do marketing of your business.