Google is the world’s number one search engine. People search for information on Google. But now Google image search is becoming much more popular. Google advanced image search option is facilitating the audience’s image search. People now easily can find their desired image.  The use of this advanced option makes Google search more effective and efficient. 


Marketers can leverage Google Image Search Advance Features in their marketing. Image optimization can help them to rank on Google. Google always tries to provide the most relevant results to its audience. Google shows image results that are most relevant for any search of keywords or images. 


From the article, Initially, we will know in detail about what is Google advanced image search. We will explore how all advanced features work. The article will mainly focus on the benefits of these advanced features in marketing. Its importance for SEO, Google ranking, blogging, etc. will be described in the article.   

What is Google Advanced Image Search?

We look for information, images on Google Search Engine. When we search on Google, we expect Google will show the most relevant results. In normal search results, an audience needs to scroll thousands of photos to find out the desired image. But, scrolling so many pictures is a painful task. When we get our desired results, we become delighted. 


To improve our experience on Google search, the Google advanced image search has come. It helps an audience to find images more specifically. To avoid irrelevant search results of images, a user can use it. So, for more refined image search, we can use the advanced option of Google. A marketer can utilize these advanced features of the image search on Google. By image optimization, a marketer can reach its potential customers more effectively. So, these advanced features are important for SEO. It helps to improve Google ranking of a web page. 

How to use Google Image Search Advance Features? 

To get more specific image results, use this advanced option of Google. For using this advanced option, an audience first needs to go to “”. Or, the audience can go to the image tab from the normal search bar. Then, the advance needs to see the below of the Google search bar. Here, a tools option exists for the users. When the audiences click on the “tools” option, they will see different filter options. Here, the users can only use five options of the advanced image search. The five options are size, color, type, time, and usage rights. 

The audience can use the advanced features from the setting option. The setting option is on top of the right corner of the search bar. The gear icon refers to the setting option. From here, the audience can use Google Image Search Advance Features to search images more narrowly.  

Google Image Search Advance Features

All these words

It’s like normal searching. Here an audience uses normal typed words like in the information search. 

This exact word or phrase

It’s like using normal keywords search queries. Marketers should use the keywords in alt text. Or you can use it on the file name.  

Any of these words

Use similar words like male, man, lad, etc. Using the similar words will help Google look for results from the similar terms. Use “or” to include all the similar words in the search. For example, this will look like man or lad or male. 

None of these words

To exclude any keywords, use this filter option. It is for an audience who wants to search for a bicycle and doesn’t want to get results from motor-cycle. For example, using the minus sign “-motorcycle” for not getting results from the motorcycle.   

Image size 

There are options for choosing image size. This image size is sorted by pixels of the images. There are many options of sizes. The options available for the users are any size, large, medium. There is also an icon option. And also the options of choosing image from 

Aspect ratio

A Google searcher can select from a wide variety of height and width of images. The setting has options such as tall, square, wide, panoramic, etc. 

Image color

There are several image color options. An audience can choose from full color, black & white, transparent, etc. The audience can also select from colors like yellow, red, green, etc.  

Type of image 

What type of image an audience can want? An audience may select from face, photo, animated, and many more options. 


Images from any country can be collected by selecting that specific country. For example, a user may want to see pictures of nature from the USA. He or she may narrow the search by selecting USA as the region. 

Site or domain

A user can search images from a particular website. For example, if you are looking for images from the website of Shutterstock, write It will bring image results from the website of Shutterstock. 

Safe search 

Using the safe search option helps the users from seeing inappropriate content. The user can disable inappropriate content from here. 

File type

It is one of the critical features of the Google image search advance features. The file size such as JPG, PNG, 

Usage rights

The filter is used to identify which images are copyright free and which are not. There are 8 types of file size available for the users. The options for the users are JPG, PNG, SVG, 

Benefits of Google Image Search Advance Features in Marketing 

The technology motivates businesses to maintain their online presence. Brick and mortar businesses also maintain their online presence. People now in their purchase decision consider information available on the internet. In online business, content marketing is becoming popular day by day. Along with its popularity, the field has become challenging for marketers. The field has become aggregated. 

To stand out from this aggregated market, they need to do something different and unique from the competitors. Images are an important part of content marketing. Through image optimization, a business can increase its reach to the customers. 

Help in competitive research 

Do you want to outrank your competitor on search? You may conduct enough research on your competitor. But you are not getting the information that you are wanting. In this case, the Google image search advance can be a great solution for you. It is one of the least used tools of competitor research. A savvy digital marketer uses these filters to analyze competitors’ marketing strategy. The marketer can improve and outrank the competitors on Google. 

Tips for competitor research using Google image search advance


Imagine you are a digital marketer. And you are selling baby products through an e-commerce site. Now, you need to know about your competitors to develop your own marketing strategy. You can know about your competitors by making “exact word” and “region” filters for specific searches. You also are able to gauge the competitors’ marketing materials. 

You will know about what infographics your competitors are using? How do competitors give names to their images? You can use this information for future blogging for your products. You can also use it to improve your visual presents on the search. So, by using different filters you can collect different data about your competitors. 

Importance for SEO 

Whatever the size of a business, ensuring a strong online presence is challenging. A digital marketer may want to reach the customers with the content. Image is a type of content. The visual content can also drive traffic to a business website. For this you need to know how to optimize an image. 

The filters of Google image searches have a great importance for SEO. Giving an image the proper size, resolution, quality, loading speed, format, etc. can help you to get SEO benefits for your web pages. So, to optimize images, try to understand the advanced features in Google. 

Improve Google ranking

The importance for the SEO section has already shown how this image search features help in SEO optimization. SEO optimization helps a website to get more traffic on the site. By understanding what terms and filters an audience can use for image searching will help you to better optimize images. So, improve Google ranking and get more traffic on your website, these use of these features are beneficial. 


Blogging is not only effective for the content marketers. But also, blogging is getting popular among e-commerce sites. Online stores now use blogging for getting more traffic on their sites. So, Google image search advance is an effective tool for the bloggers and online sellers to get their necessary information. Marketers can get future content ideas from these advanced image features. 

Benefit online stores 

Online stores mainly get traffic from image search. So, advanced image search features are more critical for them. For example, if you are a fashion brand marketer, the feature of image search by time can give you an idea about what is trending now. By knowing the trends in your website, you may develop a greater idea for your marketing. Google uses your product description to give the products rank on the search engine. When you have greater knowledge about the industry trend, you can develop better product descriptions. 


People can use the advanced feature to narrow down their search results. That will save their time and effort in finding the wanted images. A marketer can also utilize these advanced filters for getting more visibility of their images and websites. The advanced tool is beneficial in marketing in terms of importance for SEO, improving Google ranking, blogging, and also for the online stores visibility. 


To get more traffic and to improve the user’s experience on a website, marketers can use the advanced filters for their competitors’ research, market research, develop ideas for future content, and to optimize image. In conclusion, we can say the Google image search advance features bear great importance for SEO and digital marketers.