In 2023, there are many ways to make money online, but there are a few options that are most popular. In this article, we talk about 5 popular ways to make money online. In this days, social media is one of the best ways to make money online. You can use Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and other platforms to make money. But best why is your own website if you have a website, there are lost ways to make money, like ad networks, affiliate marketing, backlink sale.

The Internet has brought many income opportunities for people. People now start having the benefits of digital marketing by using the internet. To earn from the internet, you need not be a tech-savvy person. If you have a basic knowledge of technology, you can make money online. There are many ways of earning money online. You can earn by Instagram. You can also earn from other social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. One of the good earning sources is making money on a website

Do you want to make a website to earn money? Or do you have a website?

You are not able to make money. The article is for you. The article will describe 5 ways of making money on a website. It will initially show you why a website fails to make money. 

The article will try to provide you with the best ways of making money on a website. But you don’t need to apply all of the ways. Initially, you can start applying one or two ways. Try to understand your website niche and try accordingly. 

So, let’s start to know about the reasons why a website can fail to make money. Later, we will discover ways of making money on a website

Why does your website fail to make money? 

The number of websites is increasing. Over 1.5 million websites in the world. So, you can guess the amount of competition in the website market. You need to stand out from the high competition for making money on a website

Competition is not the sole reason for failing to make money from a website. There are other reasons that can affect your traffic and income on the website. 

Let’s start to have an answer to the question of why a website fails to make money. Here is a list of why your website fails to make money.

  • Lack of responsiveness of the website
  • Mobile responsive website
  • User Experience
  • The high loading time of the website
  • Poor SEO optimization of the website

Lack of responsiveness of the website

People now use multi-devices for internet browsing. The use of mobile phones for internet browning is at the highest. More than 50% of people use mobile devices for internet use. People also use tabs, laptops, desktops, etc. First, you have to understand who your target audience is? You also need to know the probable device they might use. 

Mobile responsive website

Google owns around 75% of the world’s search market share. So, you should first give importance to designing a website that can meet the demand of Google. Google gives importance to mobile responsiveness when crawling and indexing a website. So, to get a higher ranking on the Google search engine try to make your website mobile responsive. 

Google will know whether your website is mobile responsive or not. So, a mobile responsive website is needed to increase your user experience. If your website is low responsive, you will fall behind your competitors. People usually stick to the first 1-2 pages in getting their search results. 

User Experience

A website design is critical for user experience. You need to give the best experience on your website. You need to ensure the visitors feel it is easier to navigate the website. Along with a mobile-friendly website, you need to focus on the overall website design. Here, you need to include the about, contact, privacy policy, etc, pages to make your website transparent to your visitors. 

High loading time of the website

The loading speed of a website is a critical factor in improving the visitors’ experience. When a website takes time to load, the chances are that the visitors may leave the site. Now, visitors are highly demanding. People are time-aware. People expect a website will show results within 2-3 seconds. Taking to load more time than this can make the visitor bored and leave the site. The bounce rate has a high negative impact on sites ranking on search engines. So, increasing website speed is a must. A one-second increase in website speed can increase the 7-time conversion chances. So, focus on increasing website speed. 

The use of images, videos, etc. can increase a site’s loading time. So, try to use SEO-optimized images and videos for your website. Know about how to improve Google ranking of your website. The HTML code and redirection of many websites can also reduce your website loading speed. Also, check your hosting service, as poor hosting service can decrease your site’s loading speed. 

Poor SEO optimization of the website

SEO optimization is critical for ranking on any website. SEO optimization is a must job to get a ranking on a search engine. You need to get more visibility for making money on a website. SEO-optimized content is most useful for visitors. It helps you to reach your right target audience. So, after developing a website, focus on the SEO of the site and its content. 

Ways of making money on a website

There are plenty of ways of making money on a website. Here the article will show you some best ways of earning money from a website. Don’t jump over all of the ways of making money. Think logically about which one can best suit your website. Think about which one can bring greater results for you. 

Here is a list of ways of making money on a website.

  1. Earn by Ad networks.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Earn by Backlinks selling.
  4. Product review.
  5. Start your online shop.

1. Earn by Ad networks 

It is one of the popular methods of marking money on a website. There are many platforms for earning from a website. Google Adsense is the most popular earning method from Ad networks. People now love to earn money by blogging. This will work when you have high-quality SEO-optimized content. To get Adsense approval and earn from a website needs traffic. SEO helps a site to bring more traffic. 

After Google Adsense, there are other emerging platforms that can help you to earn from Ad networks., Adversal, InfoLinks, PropellerAds, etc., are now popular ad network income mediums. 

In earning from Ad networks, you need to keep some factors in mind. The factors are as follows. 

  • Matching the ad target with your article content is important. So, use the keywords properly so the Ad Network can determine easily which ads to run on your site. 
  • Don’t only stick to the Adsense network. Try to explore other Ad network platforms. And look for changes that can generate more income for you. 
  • Google Adsense is ideal for your website when you have less than 10k audiences. If your site has more than 10k visitors, consider using Ezoic. The site will help you to earn better from Google Adsense. 

The skills to master to get more traffic and more income

  • SEO knowledge and skills. 
  • High-quality informative content writing skills. 
  • Creativity and storytelling skills. 
  • PPC knowledge and skill are also necessary. 


 2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is popular among bloggers. Now, anyone can start blogging and earn from affiliate links. Affiliate marketing refers to when a website promotes other companies’ products and earns a commission from the sales of the products. In affiliate link marketing, you can be able to earn only when your visitor will buy from your link. You will get a commission per sale. The visitors who go from your website to the affiliate link site are counted. And sales generated from the visitors will give you commissions. 

Amazon affiliate network 

Amazon affiliate network is a good source of earning from affiliate links. People from all over the world can earn from affiliate with Amazon. Amazon gives a handsome amount for its every sale from affiliate links. 

Things needed to earn from affiliate links 

  • A website with high visitors
  • You can earn from multiple affiliates links for a content
  • Affiliate subscription accounts. 


3. Earn by Backlinks selling

You have a high-authority website. You have a decent number of website traffic. Earn by selling backlinks. Backlinks earning means charging a website for sharing the site’s link on another website. Try to place your content differently. Create your unique value proposition. Keep your DA, and PA high. And also focus on your site’s SS rate. The high DA PA will help you to attract your backlink buyers. You can be able to charge higher if you have a standard site for giving backlinks. 

Things to keep in mind when backlink selling 

  • Don’t sell backlinks that have a high SS rate. 
  • Don’t sell backlinks to a site with very low DA and PA. 
  • Increase your negotiating skills to a good amount. 
  • Sell only to a site that is somehow related to your site’s niche. 
  • Don’t sell backlinks to any irrelevant site only for money. 


4. Product review 

Product review can be a good option for making money on a website. People in taking a buying decision consider online reviews. People are now tech-savvy. Tech-savvy customers prefer to see a product review online although the customer may buy the product offline. Both in online and offline selling, product review is critical for any seller. You can start a product review content on your site. Your niche-related product can give you the chance to generate a high income. 

Things to remember when writing a product review

  • Don’t give a review of a product that you don’t believe. 
  • Try to give a review of the products or services that you used. 
  •  Writing reviews for products like tobacco, wine, etc. can create a bad image. 
  • Try to write reviews of the products that can be related to your website niche. Otherwise, your site may lose its credibility. 

Don’t you have any websites? You may also write product reviews for other websites. If your writing hand is good, and you have good knowledge about different products, you can write reviews for other websites and earn a certain amount of money. 


5. Start your online shop 

Don’t you like online shopping? Today’s customers are more comfort seekers. Customers now lack time for offline buying. The increase in the credibility of online selling also encourages customers to buy from online. Start your own online selling shop from today. It can create a bright future for you. You won’t need to depend on other sites for making money on a website. You can earn your independent way.  

Selling through an e-commerce site can generate more income for you than any other way of making money on a website. To get more customers for your online shop you need to know the SEO of an e-commerce website. As the online market competition is increasing, you need to develop your online selling plan strategically. Find a niche market for online selling to stand out from the competition. You can sell both digital and physical products for online selling. First, try to find a gap where you can place your shop. Do study the online consumer market. 

Sustainable and hand-made products now have huge growing demand. Selling environment-friendly and authentic products can help you gain customer trust and generate more sales. 

Things to keep in mind before starting an online shop 

  • Starting selling online may require you to invest more than other ways of making money on a website
  • So, consider your budget first. 
  • Research your target market. 
  • Try to establish trust first. 
  • Don’t be greedy for money in the initial stage. It is also true for other website earning ways. 
  • Try to build relationships with the customers.
  • Do SEO of your site to get more traffic. 
  • Manage social media presence for your site. 

People’s dependence on the internet is at its peak. And it is still rising. You can start online. Making money from a website can bring a stable income for you. 

Although there are plenty of ways for making money on a website. The article tried to bring the most effective ways of earning from a website for you. For earning online, you need some skills and strategies. The article tried to provide all the necessary skills, and knowledge, you may need in earning from a website. 

To decide which methods of earning online can be best for you, you need to study a lot. Do market research and be the master of making money on a website. The article also give reasons why you may fail to generate income from a website. Try to follow the instructions given in the article and ensure a handsome income for you.