Instagram is a growing social media platform. People now love photos, short videos much more. 

So, Instagram can become an earning source for you. Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing. There are many ways of earning from social media marketing. Among social media, Instagram is a good option for earning. Today’s article will mainly focus on how to make money on Instagram.


You may love to share your life image and videos on Instagram. You may also like to promote your business on Instagram. But, it can be a great source of your income. To make money from Instagram you need to have many followers. There are many ways of making money from Instagram.


A little study on how to make money by Instagram can help you find good ways of income from Instagram. Why will you choose Instagram as your earning source? The next section will help you to understand why to choose Instagram as your earning source. 

Why will you choose Instagram as your earning source? 

Instagram users are increasing at a high speed. In 2020, the app was among the top five apps in Google Play. The app was in the second position in terms of download in 2021. The number of active users on Instagram is very good. In 2020, its active users were more than 1 billion. It will have 1.21 billion users in 2021. It is expected that it will have 1.28 billion users in 2022. 


The higher growth rate of Instagram indicates that it has a bright future. You can also consider a comment from Mark Zuckerberg. His comment assures that the goal of Instagram is to become the best platform for creators like you to make a living. An Instagram account that has one million followers can be a big income source. But, don’t worry. If you do a small research, with small followers you can earn a handsome amount. 

You need not be a celebrity to earn from Instagram. With a thousand followers, you can earn a decent amount. So, you can now understand why you should choose Instagram as your earning source. Now let’s explore how to make money by Instagram in different ways. 

Things you need to make money from Instagram

There are three things for earning from Instagram. First, you need a base of followers. Second, you need to reach and influence.

  • Engaged followers

The more the followers, the chances of more exposure. So, first, try to increase the followers of your Instagram account. On Instagram, a hundred followers can not help much in making money. So, try to increase followers as much as possible. With only a thousand engaged followers, you can make a good amount of income. 

  • Reach

Why will a business pay you? The business only pays for the exposure of the products or services to the audience. The number of followers helps in increasing reach. But, along with the followers, there needs creativity in the content. Creative content can get more reach and engagement on Instagram.   

  • Influence 

They need engaged followers to create a high influence. To influence the credibility of your account is important. So, try to establish trust among your audience. If the audience doesn’t respond to your posts, it will not create any influence on them. So, it is a loss of chances of buying products. You need more like, comment, and share to get more buying from the followers.  

The business will only pay you if you are able to help them in making more sales. 

How to make money by Instagram

The rise of internet use tells us the benefits of digital marketing. The use of different social media has made our shopping more convenient. Social media usage has a lot of benefits for eCommerce sites. The most important benefit is to get high sales from social media platforms. 

Till now, we have seen why to choose Instagram as your earning source. 

Now we will explore 5 ways how to make money on Instagram. The section will help you to understand where you need to focus. The following ways can become your favorite. 

  • Influencer marketing

ECommerce is rising. Ecommerce businesses are now trying to drive sales through social media platforms. Influencer marketing is a common way of earning from Instagram. But for earning by influencing, you need to have a good number of followers. 


With a hundred followers, you may not create much influence. You need around 5 thousand followers to create influence on your audience. Not only the high number of followers but also you need a good engagement on your posts. With more than 5000 followers and a high engagement rate, you can make up to a 6-digit income from your per post. 

So, now the question is how you will influence your audience. You need to increase the authenticity of your post. You need to be real in your every post. Post pictures on your Instagram. Focus on building organic influence. Try to promote a brand that is relevant to you in any field.

The tactics for you to earn money

  • You can make a sponsored post. You can use photos or videos. 
  • A link-sharing post. 
  • You can mention a brand.
  • Share your post with your audience


There you need to be cautious in promoting a brand. Don’t promote a brand only for money. When you have belief in that brand, only then promote the brand. Again, promoting a brand aggressively can also create disinterest among the audience. A high amount of posts for a brand can also create disinterest among the audience. The audience may become bored with your posts. So, there is a chance you lost your trust. A brand with a bad reputation can damage your image. 

  • Join affiliate program 

You can promote an affiliate link to make money from Instagram. It also works in the same way as influencer marketing. Here the difference is with the payment system. With an affiliate program, you will be able to earn when an audience buys through the link. The more you buy from the link, the more will be your income. But in influencer marketing, you will get paid for every post. 

There are both negative and positive sides to an affiliate program. You may increase higher income than influencer marketing or you may earn less. But there is a problem with promoting an affiliate link on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow any clickable links. So, you need to be tricky. Use promo code to make money from your affiliate program. Promo codes are trackable. You can easily add them to your post or stories. 

  • Promote your own business 

Integrate your eCommerce site with your Instagram profile. Instagram shopping is a good option for you. You can directly promote your eCommerce site. Promote your products through posts, stories, etc. The Instagram shop allows the customers to directly check your products. So, it would be a great benefit for your eCommerce site. You can increase your sales and make more money. Posting short videos of your product can bring more awareness to your business. 

  • Earn from your content 

You are looking for more ways to make money on Instagram. Here it is. Instagram allows you to monetize your content. It is like YouTube monetization. 

  • IGTV Ads

IGTV Ads are a way of monetizing your content. It is only available for you if you are from Australia, America, and the UK.

  • Live Badges 

When you do live on Instagram, badges are a medium of showing support from your followers. A viewer can buy a badge from your broadcast. The range of costs can be .99 US dollars to 4.99 US dollars. You need the approval to earn live badges. First, go to your profile. Then, go to the professional tap. Finally, apply for monetization. After getting approval for monetization, you will be able to make money. 

  • Teach your audience 

When you have good followers on Instagram. You are making money from Instagram. You can teach your followers. Teach followers how they can increase their followers. Teach them how they can make money like you. You can share videos. You can take a live class. You can generate written content to teach your audience. For the teaching or consultation, charge your audience. 


Instagram is now popular across the world. It is popular among different types of audiences. You love sharing your life on Instagram. You have a good number of followers. Try to utilize it. It’s simple to earn from Instagram. But you need to do research. 


Try to know about your audience before starting your earning program from Instagram. The article has provided 5 ways how to make money on Instagram. Following the techniques to make money from Instagram, you can start your earnings.